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An Extraordinary Family

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rccs story - An Extraordinary Family

Fai is a 21 year-old young man with an uneasy childhood. After his parents divorced, they were unable to take care Fai due to various reasons, thus Fai was admitted to HKCS’ Small Group Home at the age of 7. He had become very quiet and unsociable. Recalling her past memories, one of the houseparents Auntie Ling smiled, “Back then, I could never imagine he would become a school head prefect.”

From being introverted to blending in with residents, Fai has changed not only by his own effort, but also by the love and encouragement of the houseparents. Auntie Ling humbly summed up her 25 years of working in the Home, “All we can do is to take care of them with love and acceptance, and provide them with stable living conditions and opportunities. For the rest, they will have to experience themselves on their journey of life.”

In secondary school, Fai became an outgoing student. He also joined a dragon boat team organised by retired disciplined services staff members, “Not only did I understand team spirit, I also found my career goal.” In the future, Fai aspires to be a member of disciplined services.

When being asked how the children in the Home can be helped, Auntie Ling replied, “If they can receive voluntary tutoring service, they would have more opportunities in the future.” We hope her wish will come true.