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CS Daily:Youth's Self Exploration through SSPWHTC's Bloom and Fall Floristry Exhibition and Ceremony


On 19 August, our Shamshuipo West Happy Teens Club (SSPWHTC) held the ‘'Bloom and Fall Floristry Exhibition and Ceremony'. To encourage the youth to explore more possibilities for their life development, SSPWHTC has established the youth team 'Geranium' since 2021. After two years, we received support from Youth-led Funding Scheme (Group), allowing young people to gain a better understanding of floristry industry through various experiences, and enhance their self-exploration.

Through this exhibition, relatives, friends, and partners witnessed the growth of young people. Two young representatives shared that they used to hide their personal feelings, and gradually found a comfortable outlet for emotions in the process of floral creation. They deeply felt that floristry was not only a hobby or life skill, but also a healing process. Geranium made a significant breakthrough in producing large scale floral creations and presented their journey of transformation. Visitors could see their growth in the story of flowers blooming and falling, filling this exhibition and ceremony with fragrance.