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CS Daily:JCELP 2.0 to Provide Life Planning Services for High School Students with Intellectual Disabilities


Jockey Club Experiential Learning Project for Students with Special Educational Needs (JCELP) 2.0 has been launched. At the kick-off ceremony on 29 April, JCELP's staff introduced the latest immersive VR cave to the industry, allowing the students to experience different scenarios. The project also tailors personal resumes for high school students with intellectual disabilities, preparing them for future study and work and providing comprehensive career planning and bridging support.


Since 2019, This project has been aiming to build up diversified and evidence-based special education pedagogy to enhance the daily living skills among students with intellectual disabilities through adventure-based learning and virtual reality-based learning. The project's second phase will further deepen their nine types of generic skills to broaden their development path.