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CS Service:Two preschools now in service at Airport and Tai Po

Airport T1 Preschool


In 2017, the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) launched its first preschool at the airport, which has been managed by us. Due to the enthusiastic response to enrollment, AA opened a second airport preschool in April this year, which continues to be operated by us. The preschool adopts a natural wooden design to provide children with the feeling of being in nature. There are various facilities such as early science exploration area, multimedia game zone, children's kitchen, and large-scale physical fitness equipment.

As our first aided child care centre, Solis Playland (Tai Po) opened in January this year at Fu Tip Estate, Tai Po. The playland aims to become a sun in the hearts of children, illuminating their journey of growth and providing a warm second home for them and their families. There is a variety of facilities, including the black and white area in the activity room, Montessori area, music room, hydrotherapy room and large fish tank, catering to the needs of children at different stages of development.

Our Early Childhood Education Service will continue to provide children with a safe, healthy, nurturing and interactive environment to build their self-esteem and inspire their potential, helping children to achieve 'whole-person development' through quality services.



Solis Playland (Tai Po)