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About "The Voice"

"Christian Service News" used to be our major media for corporate communication since it was first released in September 83, it has now been re-named “The Voice” in May 2014. "The Voice" does not only convey our service and mission, it also reflects the views of our stakeholders, and as a bridge, to promote mutual understanding among different concern groups to a concerted voice of our time, and to participate in the improvement of social policies towards a society that is fairer, more just, sustainable and balanced.

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CS Voice Issue 022
Issue 023 - 2018 January
Views: Elderly Service Manpower Commitment
  Advocacy: Support the establishment of "Commission on Children"
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CS Voice Issue 022
Issue 022 - 2017 November
Views: The Road Ahead for Special School Leavers
  Advocacy: Calling on the Government to Take Lead in Hiring Disabled Persons
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CS Voice Issue 021
Issue 021 - 2017 September
Views: The Boundless and Bottomless Sea of Remedial Classes
  Service: Time for "Homework Revolution"
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Issue 020
2017 July

CS Voice Issue 020
Views: Reform Subvention System Revive Welfare Sector
  Service: Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
News: Caring School Award Scheme 2016
Sharing Session cum Award Presentation Ceremony
News: The 14th Children's Creative Arts Exhibition
News: Our Future 2035 Dancing Competition
  News: The 10th Hong Kong Students Open Speech Competition
  News: Wheelchair Martial Arts Training Course
  News: CHEER’s Information Day cum Celebration of Accomplishments
  News: Pui Oi School Joined EatSmart School Accreditation Scheme
  News: Assembly of Faith
  News: Talk on Campus Crisis Negotiation Held for the First Time for University Staff
  News: "Project We Care" Community Care Plan for the Elderly
  News: iPad Drive: Used or New
Partnership: Serve-a-thon Hong Kong
Partnership: Sharing Zongzi Sharing Love
Support Us: Recruitment: Angel of Hope,
Children Volunteer and Donation Programme

Issue 019
2017 May

CS Voice Issue 019
Views: Protect Children at Risk Support Distressed Families
Advocacy: Concern for Children Welfare
  Service: Project HERO- MSM Support Service
News: Make Over for Single Elders
News: The 3rd Outstanding Staff of Elderly Service
News: Opening Ceremony of Airport Preschool
  News: First China Conference of Dyslexia
  News: Easter No Assignment – Self- learning Programme
  News: Parade to Spread Happiness to Hong Kong People
  News: Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme
  News: Djembe Drum Drum
  News: PARKnSHOP Green School Programme
  News: The Bond of Couples
  News: The Silver Glitter of Hope
Partnership: Bling Bling Crystal Bus Tour
Partnership: Memory Assessment Action
Partnership: Jockey Club Ti-I College Volunteer in Pui Oi School
Support Us: Foster Home Recruitment

Issue 018
2017 March

CS Voice Issue 018
Views: Looking forward to a reform on early childhood education
Public Voice: Rethink Hong Kong early childhood education policy
Advocacy: Future pillars of our society is rooted in child education
  Service: Love and care in foster homes
News: Airport Preschool
News: Pario Kindergarten
News: Lee Wai Chung received the 26th Outstanding Social Worker Award
  News: The meaning of birthday gift
  News: Yes! I Can! Lunar New Year Fair
  News: Unveiling ceremony of the memorial garden for Miss Lau Fung Chun
  News: The 16th Creative Eco-Model Tournament
  News: Goal.Faith – pursuing dreams
  News: “Lai-See for all”
Partnership: 2016-17 Caring Company Scheme and Caring Company Community Partnership Expo
Support Us: Please support children art development fund

Issue 017
2017 January

CS Voice Issue 017
Views: Pool together our efforts to achieve ageing-in-place
Advocacy: Say no to self-handicapping and labelling! I can do it!
  Service: 'Comm Out' - An exploration of new service support model for residents in public housing estate
News: Seniors' sense of hope research press conference cum
sharing of the project "Building HOPE with Elders"
News: Pui Oi School was awarded Certificate of Merit in the
"18 Districts Caring Employer Award 2016"
News: 2016 Hong Kong Technology and Renewable Energy Award
  News: A musical to regain your first intention – 'Siu Keung Theatre'
  News: "Are you ready?"  Microfilm . Love
  News: Love sports, love art, enable healthy and happy childhood
  News: Knowing me knowing you
Enabling autistic children to read your mind
  News: Fifth anniversary cum open day of new office of Family Ties
  News: Wish Come True 2016
Fulfill small wishes to ignite infinite hopes
Partnership: Bringing warmth in the winter
Partnership: The corporate to walk with children with special needs and
their parents Alcoa International (Asia) Limited
Partnership: A day to experience work in a hotel
Partnership: A warm 'yum cha' gathering with seniors
Support Us: Charity Lai-see Campaign 2017 marks the beginning of
Chinese New Year
Issue 016
2016 November

CS Voice Issue 016
Views: Open letter to CE candidates: tackle the roots of problems
Advocacy: Inherit attitude of love Learn how to love
  Service: C-for-Chinese by JC
News: Community network development project – Anderson Road Public Housing Development
News: Jockey Club paid a visit to CLAP@Youth (Kowloon West)
News: Excellent Employee Wellness Provider Award
  News: Take a break Pick up some hobbies
  News: Promoting green concept
Participate in video shooting of "The 14th Hong Kong Green School Award"
  News: 14th Hong Kong Green School Award
Pre-school Category – Outstanding award
  News: Two-year project to get rid of depression
  News: Three miles jogging together
  News: The 3rd debating competition - Living conscientiously
  News: Legco Election – promotional activities
It is not you see hope then you persist
But to persist so as to see hope
  News: Roaming in camping
  News: Microfilm: A letter of joy
Partnership: FSC Holdings Limited caring day 2016
Loving home with green electricity
Partnership: Caring and concern from corporations
Donation of assembled bikes to outreach youths
Partnership: Building Your Dream House
Partnership: Eye checkup is caring
Support: Make a Wish Come True 2016

Issue 015
2016 September

CS Voice Issue 015
Views: From Election Platform to Social Inclusion
Advocacy: Appeal for political participation and rights in election for EMs
  Service: Project We Care
News: Support to Ethnic Elderly (SEE) Project
News: Street booths on 1 July: Happy Teens Club "Give me Back my Summer Vacation"
News: Outstanding short film award – start from scratch
  News: Dialogue between Ethnic Minorities and Candidates of LegCo (Kowloon West)
  News: Joint graduation ceremony of our Nursery Schools
  News: Fly Project – Simon K Y Lee Children’s Fund
  News: Marital counselling
  News: Children Charity Foundation supports students of grassroot families
  News: "POWER YOU"
  News: Bringing multi-disciplinary achievements into international conference
  News: Light and shade of family: forum theatre and interactive art exhibition
  News: CLAP for youth @ JC in Action
Partnership: A fun filled summer vacation
Partnership: A Thoughtful Mid-Autumn Festival

Issue 014
2016 July

CS Voice Issue 014
Views: Enhance Civic Participation
Advocacy: 2016 Legco Election Youth civic participation by standing in silence
  Service: Healthy Seeds Parenting
News: "Project We Care" an elderly community care project
News: Mountaineering certificate course – Level One
News: CATCH – Family Support Scheme
  News: Lyric writing cum children's songs singing contest
  News: 2016 World InterRAI Conference
  News: Study Tour of Elderly Service in Australia
  News: Networking Pak Tin – bonding community strength
  News: Youth citizen participate in community: visit the community and listen to their stories
  News: Caring School Award Scheme 2015
  News: New book sharing session "Back from the World"
  News: Fight for universal retirement protection
  News: Thanks to our 4.16 flag day volunteers
Partnership: 2015-16 Caring Company awards
Partnership: Get up and Workout
Partnership: Zurich (HK) Global Community Week
Support Us: Recruitment: Angel of Hope, Children Volunteer and Donation Programme

Issue 013
2016 May

CS Voice Issue 013
Views: Personal hope of youth and their social aspiration
Advocacy: Give me back my summer vacation!
  Service: Perplexing employees!
Positive workplace boosts performance and enthusiasm
News: The first non-Chinese taxi driver Breaks new ground for Ethnic Minorities in job market
News: "Hugging our differences" project on Racial Harmony Award presentation ceremony
News: An Assembly of Faith backing up young dream seekers
  News: Opening ceremony of children's creative art exhibition:
A Fantasia of Colours
  News: Short film production project on youth development
  News: Hospice service in hostel End-of-life Caring Service
  News: Talk on negotiation skills on crisis at school
  News: Central Nursery School won the Award of Arts Education
  News: Retirement Protection for all (Teens Version)
  News: Voluntary experiences – Guangxi Exchange 2016
  News: No homework day – let students enjoy happy self-directive learning
Partnership: Corporations supported 4.16 Territory-wide flag day
Support Us: 4.16 Territory-wide flag day
Thanks to you for a fruitful return
Support Us: Introduce a new book "Back from the World"

Issue 012
2016 March

CS Voice Issue 012
Views: Children come first
Divorced parents have to take up the responsibilities
Concern on Draft Children Proceedings (Parental Responsibility) Bill
Advocacy: Our opinion on Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly
  Service: Bridge – Integrated Education Project Pilot Scheme on On-site pre school rehabilitation service has officially been launched
News: CLAP for Youth @ JC (Kowloon West) Reveals youth potentials
News: Together with 1823 and LIFA
CHEER helps EMs get information of the society
News: Happy Chinese Learning project II encourage parent-child learning together Raise language ability of non-Chinese speaking children
  News: Youth exhibition – Loving is possible
  News: Fly me to the sky: mutual recognition among grassroot families
  News: Life festival – embrace positive experiences, hope and connection
  News: New way of life by positive stories
  News: Fashion without generation gap
  News: Reunion dinner for elders
  News: Project on 'Talk about pension'
  News: Pain treatment subsidy scheme for elderly
Partnership: Happy Learning Chinese Together - Volunteers from Zurich Insurance Group went to the Lunar New Year Fair with EM children
Partnership: Sino Community Art Project
Partnership: Partnership with ASM Genuine happiness during festivals
Support Us: Exploring children's potential in art

Issue 011
2016 January 2016

CS Voice Issue 011
Views: Pressing need for Universal Retirement Protection
Views: Fight for real retirement protection Deny fake consultation
Advocacy: "Vision of the Civil Society on 2030 Elderly service" Forum
  Service: Autistic children are afraid of darkness and haircut
Anxiety removed by meticulous effort
  People: From waitress to the first Nepalese social worker in Hong Kong
  People: In search of real happiness out of an unknown future
News: Our Staff was awarded Outstanding Social Worker of the 25th Outstanding Social Workers Award
News: 25th Anniversary of WFNS
News: Tamar Park Love Art@City
  News: Arts by hundreds appeal to all
  News: Family Ties: We have moved!
Partnership: A warm baking experience for children by
OCBC Wing Hang Bank at Christmas
Support Us: Territory-wide Flag Day: 16 April 2016
Support Us: Charity Lai-see Campaign 2016 marks the beginning of Chinese New Year
Issue 010
2015 November

CS Voice Issue 010
Views: Pressing need to rebuild the rental market
Advocacy: Speak positively to the elders Demonstrate a society of respect and social inclusion
  Service: Life Planning reaches out
Rendering support for out of school and unemployed youth
News: “Speech Learning Skill Training Project”won Best Practice Award in Social Service held by Hong Kong Council of Social Service
News: Two of our units received awards of the Apple Daily Trust 2015 Award Scheme
News: Kwun Tong Nursery School was one of the winners of
the 13th Hong Kong Green School Award:
Pre-school category Outstanding Award
  News: Congratulations to Dr. Darwin Chen, our Vice Chairman for
receiving the World Outstanding Chinese Award
  News: 10,000 hours of volunteer service award
  News: Representatives from the Community Chest visited MES
  News: Heartfelt thanks to Children Charity Foundation Scholarship to grassroots students
  News: Healthy Seed Centre was set up
  News: Light and shadow of families
  News: Exploration for Hope – Hysan Ethnic Minority Youth Social Enterprise Competition 2015
  News: Day Camp for autistic children and their parents
  News: Ignite the youthful spirit of the elderly
Run for fun
  News: Health checkup for adult
  News: First art exhibition by Pario Arts A journey of the garden of art
  News: Hug Diversity Racial Harmony Proposal Competition
Partnership: Corporates care for eye care of the deprived
Partnership: Create Positive Energy Everywhere 2015 --
Be a starred household products designer
Support Us: Make a Wish Come True

Issue 009
2015 September

CS Voice Issue 009
Views: Reflection on the first year anniversary of Umbrella Movement
Advocacy: Untimely elderly home manpower policy
Government should amend accordingly
  Service: Making the best use of Community Care Service Voucher
Delightful Care regaining dignity for elders
News: Good News to Novice Parents – New launch of Healthy Seed Parenting Website
News: Use of drama to teach the concept of conservation among children
News: Protection of assets – Android App Launched
  News: Story series “Home out of Home” – depicts growth of Foster Care children
  News: The 2nd Conscientious Living – debate by our Happy Teens Club
Children learn dare to try and convince people with reasoning
  News: "Life . Live" Exploration of more possibilities of life for Post-Secondary Students
Partnership: FSE Caring Day for the young and old
Partnership: Summer Coca-Cola Fun?
Support Us: Recruitment of "Angels of Hope"

Issue 008
2015 July

CS Voice Issue 008
Views: An Inclined "Free kindergarten Education"
Advocacy: From the elderly abuse case in Tai Po Cambridge Nursing Home Limited to Residential Care Service Vouchers Pilot Scheme
  Service: Our Children’s Art Exhibition enters the Mainland to share experiences in art education
News: New milestone of Pui Oi School
News: KTNS was awarded environmental protection prizes
News: New Adventure Concert Telling stories of ex-drug Abusers
  News: Our anti-drug project awarded Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation in Shamshuipo district
  News: Caring school award scheme reaching 10th anniversary
  News: The first sharing session from users of special education needs service in Hong Kong
News: Flash Dating organised by social worker
Helping boys to getting along with the opposite gender
News: Community Check Point Challenge - Tour for the Ethnic Groups
Support Us: Please support our Specialist Medical Subsidy Programme for the elderly

Issue 007
2015 May

CS Voice Issue 007
Views: Is economic development the "hard truth"?
Advocacy: Opinions on Residential Care Service Vouchers Pilot Scheme
  Advocacy: Elders' opinions on transportation submitted
Positive response from the Department concerned
Advocacy: Appreciate carers' contribution
Advocate for a Carer-Companion Day
Service: Strive through hardship
Small group home children make a breakthrough in dragon boating
News: Children’s Creative Arts Exhibition – Infinite Mindspace
News: Pario Arts trip to Taipei
Special tour: art festival for children in the summer
News: Work trial project for AD/HD secondary student
  News: Light, Care and Warmth – love in Shamshuipo
Bringing brightness and warmth to elders in the district
  News: Incubator for dreams and beliefs An assembly of Faith
  News: Fresh food available for low income families
Support Us: Heartfelt thanks to your support!

Issue 006
2015 Mar

CS Voice Issue 006
Views: Creating a public space more suitable for youth development
Advocacy: Youths had low confidence in the government
HKCS appealed to setting up communication platforms to restore mutual trust
  Advocacy: Belated Learning Framework consultation
Framework effectivesness questioned by ethnic minority groups
People: Art talent uncovered An EETC graduate awarded with gold medal
Service: Outstanding Award – Borrowed space
  Service: Outstanding award – An amazing journey for the prevention of mild cognitive impairment project
News: Project TRANSLINK
News: A community without boundary – to draw a circle of blessing
News: Sailing towards dreams
  News: New book: When psychologist meets potato man
Support Us: Territory-wide flag day 2015.4.25

Issue 005
2015 Jan

CS Voice Issue 005
Views: Rethink about incineration and landfilling
Advocacy: Active participation in communities
Elders voice themselves through photos
  Advocacy: Home Coming - The study on influence of family of origin on child development
  Service: A message of love to the deprived
News: Dancing for Hope for the New Year: flash mob dance on 1 January
News: Happy Chinese Learning Project shared practical experience on how to teach ethnic minority children
News: Professional training courses for adults: lifelong commitment to art
  News: Child care teachers get inspired by Korea study tour
Partnership: Win-win solution: friendly to environment and helping the community
Partnership: Little angels bring warmth – love you at Christmas
Support Us: 4.25 Flag Day
Issue 004
2014 Nov

CS Voice Issue 004
Views: Reaching the hearts of the new generation
Service: A love journey to pets – how to get over when they are gone
  Service: Social enterprises proposals by EMs
Helping the community with their innovation
News: Actively responding to possible emotional disturbances arose from Occupy Central
News: Mainstreaming of "withdraw youth" support service
News: Outstanding agency award - Citi - HKCSS Community Intern Program (CIP)
  News: EAP Forum: Enhancing Employee’s Psychological Capital for Innovative Performance
  Partnership: Joint effort to provide free body checkup for 300 ethnic minorities
  Partnership: New equipment in our clinic
Partnership: Collaboration with LensCrafters to improve vision problem of the deprived
Partnership: Create Positive Energy Everywhere - City of Positive Energy Exhibition
Support Us: Make a Wish Come True 2014

Issue 003
2014 Sep

CS Voice Issue 003
Views: Is Hong Kong a liveable city – where did the human touch in Hong Kong go?
Advocacy: Why is it so difficult for Ethnic Minorities to learn Chinese Language?
  Advocacy: Men's happiness
News: Congratulations to Dr Law Chi Kwong, our Management Committee Member cum Honourary Treasurer received the GBS
News: GP sponsored specialist treatment for elders welcomed
News: Principal of our nursery school received the 2014 Outstanding Teachers Award – Education Management (Individual)
  News: Hong Kong Children Creative Drama – Blessings to Hong Kong
  News: Happy Teens Club first organised ‘Living with conscience’ series – debate activity
  News: Love Parenting discussion forum to exchange parenting problem
Partnership: Creative Positive Energy Everywhere 2014
Partnership: Corporate and elderly volunteers visited elderly people living alone
Support Us: Lets join ‘Love Charity Raffle Tickets’ campaign

Issue 002
2014 July

CS Voice Issue 002
Views: Do you hear the voice of others?
Advocacy: Building pigeonholes for the deprived
Urging the government to address to people's pressing needs
  Advocacy: Dispelling the myth that the relationship is ruined when talking about money Asking the elders to make early planning of assets
Advocacy: Who would speak for the Withdrawn?
Service: Harmonising different levels in the community North Point Happy Teens Club(NPHTC) triggers equality revolution
Service: Reconstruction is speedy up Pak Tin Friendly Network helps put together neighourhood relationship
  News: Children Creative Art Exhibition
  News: Caring School Award Scheme New thematic award "The most active in promoting life education"
  News: Coaster design competition for the "We are the Anti Drug Generation" Uniting all sectors of the society
Partnership: Creative Positive Energy Everywhere 2014 – Art creation of children about the community
Support Us: Lets join the "Angel of Hope children volunteering and monthly donation programme

Issue 001
2014 May

CS Voice Issue 001
Views: Confronting "Qishang-quan" in social movement
Feature: Pario Education Centre expands to Kwun Tong
Advovacy: Bedspace apartments high in rent Residents worry where to live
Service: World Cup Fever Forming soccer team prevents relapses in drug rehabilitation
Service: Give them a chance Commissioner on Sharing – A new identity, a new beginning
Partnership: "Love idea in action" programme A Different Learning Experience for the Students
Support Us: Support Stationery Charity Sale to bring smiles to deprived children

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