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Issue 020

Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

The Social Welfare Department (SWD) has launched the Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (NEC) since 2002-03 to provide a range of comprehensive support services for elderlies. HKCS has three Neighbourhood Elderly Centres, and the Un Chau NEC in Shamshuipo is one of them. The Centre aims to implement the concept of "ageing in place" and "people-oriented" services. It provides a wide range of quality and professional community support services for service users to build up healthy lifestyle, actively participate in social affairs and continue learning so as to achieve active ageing.

The Centre's services include:

  • Health check-up
  • Nurse Talks
  • Sports classes
  • Excursion
  • Volunteer visits
  • Various learning classes
  • Activities for carers
  • Counselling service

Hong Kong is gradually stepping into an aging society and the medical system is facing severe challenges. At present, many elderlies are suffering from cognitive impairment, pain disorders and different health problems. They have to queue up for government specialist treatment or community service that normally takes several months or more. The fees for private medical institutions are so high that the elderlies and their carers cannot afford it. In view of this, our Un Chau NEC has been actively cooperated with various health care organisations in recent years. For instance, the Centre cooperates with the psychiatric department of Kwai Chung Hospital to provide community clinic service; collaborates with the Hong Kong Credible Care Volunteers Association Ltd. to arrange nurses to provide on-site health check-up for elderlies; invites Chinese medicine practitioners to give health talks; and works with institutions to arrange hearing tests. It is expected that through education and early check-ups, elderlies and carers could identify health problems as early as possible so that the elders can receive timely treatment.

In addition, the Centre is active in organising various health activities, such as chair dance, body fitness class, exercise band class, WII FIT sports class, tablet computer music and brain gym. Interesting approaches are adopted to encourage the elderlies to develop an exercise habits and to receive regular brain exercise to slow down their health and cognitive degradation rate, so that they can live happily in the community.

Hong Kong residents aged 60 or above are welcome to join the Centre and become members. In addition, the Centre also welcomes the carers and community members to register as carers and volunteers.

Acupuncture services

Many elderlies suffer from pain disorders. Starting from last year, a team of graduates of Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture of the Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education provides free Chinese acupuncture service for elderlies at the Centre. Those who received acupuncture service said that their pains have been relieved.

Service details

Time: Every Saturday, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Fees: Free for the first time, followed by $20 each time, 6 times for one course of treatment

Treatment: pain disorders (low back, knee, shoulder); early stage of stroke

Target: 60 years old or above, low-income families, etc.

Inquiry & appointment: 2731 6313

A Chinese medicine practitioner demonstrating how to massage acupuncture points to reduce pain during a talk on pain disorders

The Centre using iPad games to train participants’ brain power

A nurse taking blood glucose tests for participants

Participants learning chair dance

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