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Issue 020

Serve-a-thon Hong Kong

HKCS strongly believes that being able to give is a blessing, and all along we make efforts to encourage people from different sectors to serve as volunteers and to experience the joy of volunteering.

This year, "HandsOn Hong Kong", together with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, introduced the event of Serve-a-thon (also known as the International Volunteer Day). This territory-wide "service marathon" offers volunteering opportunities for individuals, families, schools, civic organisations and corporations to come together and serve the community.

Volunteers of WeWork, an international corporation, partnered with our Bliss District Elderly Community Centre to visit the elderlies living alone and in pairs in Kwun Tong district on 6 May 2017. On that day, volunteers and elderlies chatted like old friends. They shared health tips and life experience and volunteers handed gift packs to the elderlies. A week later, volunteers also organised recreational activities for the elderlies hoping that through interesting games and in-depth sharing, interaction among the elderlies could be facilitated and thus the spirit of mutual assistance in the neighbourhood could be enhanced.

In the future, apart from participating in sports marathons, we can also actively take part in the "service marathon". Through joining various volunteering activities, we can help to build a loving and mutually supportive society.

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