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Issue 020
Caring School Award Scheme 2016
Sharing Session cum Award Presentation Ceremony

The 12th Caring School Award Scheme’s sharing session cum award presentation ceremony was held on 13 May 2017 at the EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre. We are most honoured to have Dr. CHAN Ting Sam, Professional Consultant, Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, to deliver a keynote speech titled “The Faith for Life Education”.

This was the first year in which the award for “Instill Hope” was introduced. It aims at nurturing students’ hope and competence. We would like to specially thank our long-term partners for their cooperation and support. They are Hong Kong Association of Career Masters and Guidance Masters (HKACMGM), Education Bureau and Hong Kong Education City. To date, more than 1300 secondary, primary and special schools have been awarded. This year, our Pui Oi School which provides special education for the physically handicapped children also received the Award of Merit.

The recipients of the thematic awards of the Scheme were as follows:

Thematic awards School
"Promote Life Education" (Primary School) Canossa Primary School
Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School
"Promote Life Education"(Secondary School) CSBS Mrs. Aw Boon Haw Secondary School
"Instill Hope" (Primary School) G.C.C.I.T.K.D. Cheong Wong Wai Primary School
"Instill Hope" (Secondary School) H.K.S.K.H. Bishop Hall Secondary School
"Instill Hope" (Special School) P.L.K. Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School
"Promote Life Plan" (Primary School) S.K.H. Fung Kei Primary School
"Promote Life Plan" (Secondary School) QualiEd College
"Promote Life Plan" (Special School) Hong Chi Morninghope School, Tuen Mun

The jury judges the schools in developing care according to the “BLESS”criteria: B—(Belief ): the faith of schools in promoting care; L—(Leadership): the leaders ability to lead the school to promote care; E—(Environment): school facilities, policy and atmosphere; S—(Support): the actual support for the related students, parents and teachers; S—(Sharing ): promote and share the care spirit with more people.

The 14th Children's Creative Arts Exhibition

The 14th "Children's Creative Arts Exhibition - Concerto d'Arte" was held at the exhibition gallery of Sha Tin Town Hall from 5-7 May 2017. A total of 286 pieces of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art works of children aged 5-6 were exhibited. Parent-child creativity workshops were organised for the junior classes of our nursery schools. Led by young artists from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Academy of Visual Arts of the Hong Kong Baptist University and School of Art of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, more than 300 families participated in creative group activities. Under the theme "Concerto d'Arte", parents and children used art supplies and materials from daily life to present their creativity in a unique way.

The exhibition attracted an attendance of more than 1,700. To carry out the belief that everyone should have an opportunity to learn art, proceeds from the sale of art pieces and the works collection book were allocated to the "Children's Arts Development Fund" to support art education activities of our nursery schools, support children from disadvantaged families to participate in art classes and activities, and provide art education training for kindergarten teachers, etc.

Artist Frank Tang demonstrating techniques of Chinese ink painting for young children Young children performing at the opening ceremony A performing and sharing session was presented by children and parents at the opening ceremony

Our Future 2035 Dancing Competition

"Our Future 2035 Dancing Competition" is one of the events of the "HKIE Fiesta 2017" organised by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). Through this event children learned about the engineering work and technology that they accessed in daily life and had an opportunity to perform on stage which would build up their self-confidence and broaden their horizons. Under the theme of innovation and technology, our Kwun Tong Nursery School students dressed up as robots and engineers to express how to make use of innovation and technology to enhance urban management and improve the livelihood of the public. Adjudicated by a professional team, our K3B class won the championship.

Our school team received the champion award from Acting Financial Secretary Mr Nicholas W Yang Children bringing out the idea of innovation and technology through upbeat dancing and singing

The 10th Hong Kong Students Open Speech Competition

In May 2017, Pui Oi School took part in the "10th Hong Kong Students Open Speech Competition" organised by the Speech & Music Recital Development Foundation. We hope that students will be able to broaden their horizons through participating in public competitions and build up confidence through receiving appreciation and commendation, hence adding beautiful memories and valuable experience to their study life.

This was the first time that our students set foot on public stage to participate in an open speech competition. A total of seven students took part in the Cantonese, English and Mandarin categories. With teachers’ devoted guidance and students’ industrious practising, the School won the "Secondary School Mandarin Tongue Twisters First Runner-up Award", "Primary Three to Primary Four English Nursery Rhyme Outstanding Award" and "Primary One to Primary Two English Nursery Rhyme Outstanding Award". The results were impressive! We encourage students to actively participate in open competitions, hoping that through training and experience sharing, coupled with the guidance of professional adjudicators, students would establish a life attitude to strive for the best and rise to every challenge ahead.

Chi Man Sum won the Secondary School Mandarin Tongue Twisters First Runner-up Award Man Ho Hin (front row, far left) won the Primary Three to Primary Four English Nursery Rhyme Outstanding Award Kan Kuen Ho (front row, far left) won the Primary One to Primary Two English Nursery Rhyme Outstanding Award

Wheelchair Martial Arts Training Course

Recently Pui Oi School has invited Hong Kong PHAB Martial Art Association to conduct eight sessions of wheelchair martial arts training as an interest class for the students at the dormitory. It is hoped that the training would strengthen students’ self-confidence and cultivate their strong will.

The term "interest class" may probably be associated with "monster parents" who enroll their children in a dozen of interest classes so that they can get into elite schools. But for physically handicapped students, it is not easy for them to participate in interest classes, especially the training of martial arts, which not only requires students’ physical coordination, but also the School's consideration about the teaching format and provision of barrier-free facilities etc. No wonder some of the students said that they had never thought of getting an opportunity to learn martial arts.

The two coaches of the training class were full of expectations. Coach Li hoped that students would discover their hidden abilities while Coach Chu wished that students were happy in the training. The School will continue to provide wheelchair martial arts training activities. Therefore, public support is vital to help students connect with the community.

Students practising martial arts which requires not only correct posture but also close attention to speed and strength Students practising defense skills happily

CHEER's Information Day cum Celebration of Accomplishments

The CHEER's Information Day cum Celebration of Accomplishments was successfully held on 21 May 2017 at Kwun Tong Community Centre.

Participants of different races including Filipinos, Indians, Indonesians, Nepali, Pakistani and Thai people joined the event. A group of ethnic minority women and youth were awarded with certificates to appreciate their contribution and efforts in raising awareness on social issues and social resources amongst their local ethnic minority community. Other popular activities included face-painting, preserved flower necklace DIY workshop and game booths. The booths were specially designed with aims to enhance respect and understanding of different cultures as well as to encourage active participation and integration of the ethnic minority community in Hong Kong. For example, the “A Glance at the EM Community Game” was designed to increase participants’ understanding of the history and contribution of the ethnic minority community in Hong Kong.

The ceremony was kicked off by a traditional Thai dancing performance. The ceremony was officiated by Mr. Chiu Kwong-Kin (third from the left), Assistant District Officer from Home Affairs Department, Ms. Cheryl Tsang (fourth from the left), Senior Executive Officer of the Home Affairs Department and Ms. Viola Tsang (fifth from the left), Chief Supervisor the Ethnic Minority Service of Hong Kong Christian Service. Face-painting activity

Pui Oi School Joined EatSmart School Accreditation Scheme

We believe that a healthy eating habit does not only improve learning efficiency of children but also reduce the chances of suffering from a variety of chronic diseases during their adulthood. To improve their eating habits and help them grow up healthily, a healthy eating policy is particularly important for students who are physically handicapped.

This year Pui Oi School participated in the EatSmart School Accreditation Scheme organised by the Department of Health and successfully achieved the accreditation as an "EatSmart School". The School actively supported the promotion of healthy eating in the campus and passed the assessment of the Department of Health on various aspects including nutrient requirements, administrative measures, lunch and snack arrangements, publicity and education as well as periodic reviews.

Through the implementation of the above measures, Pui Oi practises "healthy eating in the campus" policy to help students to develop good eating habits and to establish a healthy eating environment. The School is committed to promoting the importance of healthy eating to students, parents and teaching staff, and encouraging them to practise healthy eating in their daily lives and work hand-in-hand to turn Pui Oi School to an "EatSmart School".

Dormitory cook preparing lunch for the students wholeheartedly Weiwei enjoying his lunch

Assembly of Faith

The "Assembly of Faith" event has been held for the third year at Kwun Tong Promenade. It has been supported by the corporate sector with the aim to encourage young people to uphold their beliefs and pursue their dreams.

This year, a new form titled "Sing Out with Faith" and "Dance with Faith" (Teenage Singing Contest and Youth Dance Competition) was adopted to provide a platform to showcase the dreams of youth, let them practise their beliefs and realise their dreams with persistence. Each team shared their journey of pursuing their singing and dancing dreams, which motivated both the judges and audience. When the results were announced, the winning contestants wept with tears of joy and the audience shouted with glee to show their encouragement.

In the art creation area, a yellow wired man, who symbolised someone pursuing one’s dream, persistence and belief, walked among the participants to collect the wooden squares which were painted by them in order to spread the message of pursuing dreams and beliefs with persistence.

A dancing performance by the winning team Participants painting their dreams and beliefs on the wooden squares A yellow wire man collecting wooden squares on the spot Sponsors taking photos with contestants

Talk on Campus Crisis Negotiation Held for the First Time for University Staff

Our School Social Work Service has been providing professional support services for college and university students since September 2016. We currently serve the Open University of Hong Kong and provide personal counselling services to some 8,000 students.

Over the past year, saddening news on college students committing suicide could still be heard from time to time. In view of this, we held a lecture on "University Staff Campus Crisis Negotiation" at the lecture hall of the Open University of Hong Kong on 25 May 2017. A total of 180 participants including university professors, psychologists, counsellors, security officers and dormitory staff attended the talk which covered the following topics: (1) the phenomenon of adolescent suicide, (2) negotiation theory and skills, and (3) the overall strategy and division of labour on precaution of campus crisis.

The lecture was well received by the participants who were very much engaged in the discussion session. We hope that by strengthening co-workers’ prevention skills and resilience, campus crisis can be prevented and resolved with timely intervention.

Co-organised with the Open University of Hong Kong, the lecture was attended by over 180 participants. Pictured with co-organisers: the Open University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong and the Police Negotiation Cadre Three speakers namely: Dr. Paul Wong, University of Hong Kong (far right), Dr. Gilbert Wong, PNC Commanding Officer (second from right) and Mr. Lo Chung Biu, Head of the School Social Work Service of HKCS (third from right)

"Project We Care" Community Care Plan for the Elderly

Hong Kong Christian Service was funded by the Hong Kong Community Chest to launch a new community care programme for the elderly - "Project We Care". The programme aims to implement the concept of ‘ageing in place’ and adopt an outreach model to provide professional, comprehensive and timely community care and rehabilitation services to needy elderlies.

Service target:

  • 60 years old or above
  • Reside in Shamshuipo or Kwun Tong
  • Hong Kong residents who are in need of rehabilitation and medical care

Service hours:

The case manager will schedule the required services to meet individual needs of the elderlies. If necessary, services will also be provided on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and evenings.

Services include:

  1. Nurse care
  2. Occupational therapy and rehabilitation training
  3. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation training
  4. Nursing knowledge and skills training
  5. Cooking, personal care, accompany at home, outing escort and other daily life assistance
  6. Assessment on home environment and recommendations on conversion, assessment and recommendations on rehabilitation tools and their usage
  7. Community support and resource referral

Inquiry or application:

Tel: 2811 0199

Email: pwc@hkcs.org

iPad Drive: Used or New

We would like to invite corporates and individuals to join our iPad Drive to donate new or used iPads, which are in good condition to our service users. By pulling resources together, our physically handicapped school children could benefit from e-learning beyond geographical boundaries and broaden their horizons while elderlies could benefit from receiving rehabilitation treatment with the aid of rehabilitation apps.

Specifications and Quantity

  • iPad (2017 version), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4
  • Used or new
  • In good condition
  • Quantity required: 50

Beneficiaries and Usage

  • To facilitate e-learning for students of HKCS Pui Oi School which is a school for children with physical disabilities
  • To facilitate cognitive impaired elderlies and stroke survivors at HKCS’s Homes for the Elderly and Day Care Centres for the Elderly to receive individual rehabilitation treatment with the aid of rehabilitation apps
  • Other service users in need

Closing Date for Donation:

31 August 2017

Contact and Enquiries:

Phone Contact: 2731-6362

Email: partnership@hkcs.org

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