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Issue 019
2017 May

Foster Home Recruitment

In Hong Kong, almost every day there is a child who has to leave his own home due to…
sudden death or acute sickness of parents;
serious conflict in family
parents were imprisoned or held for drug rehabilitation
suffering from injury or is being abused

These children are couple with…
sadness and unwillingness to part with his families
emotional disturbance because of various family problems
worries and apprehension about the unknown future

Are you willing to lend a helping hand to these children to share your care and concern? Please join us and provide a foster home

An ideal foster parent/home is:

  • Stable and happy family
  • Healthy and emotionally stable
  • Aged 25 or above
  • Primary or above education
  • Tidy and safe home with sufficient living space
  • Fond of children, have the ability and experience to take care of them
  • Able to offer comprehensive care to children
  • Willing to be inspected and supervised by social workers

If you or your association would like to have further information about foster care, please call our duty worker at 2492 6088.

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