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Issue 019
2017 May

Project HERO- MSM Support Service

There is an increase in number of MSM (Men who have sex with Men). Most of these cases had participated in Chem.Fun (Chemical Fun) parties, ie. the use of drugs before or during sexual intercourse with two or more partners in order to achieve the desired effect. There was a finding that among 1,026 MSM interviewed, 11.1% have used drugs before or during sexual intercourse in the past 6 months, and 35% of them used more than two kinds of drugs (1).

According to frontline workers, they find that MSM drug users think that drugs could enhance their level of enjoyment during sexual intercourse, it can also provide temporary relieve to their everyday pressure including being despised on, and poor relationship with families etc. Under drug influence, they would fantasise reconnection with people. They even use drugs to appease other people to get that feeling. Gradually, they would use drugs outside Chem.Fun parties, to escape from personal problems and loneliness, eventually become addicted and even incur mental problems and affecting their daily lives. These indirectly bring heavy health care burden to the society.

We received funding from Beat Drugs Fund to provide a 2-year “Project HERO – MSM” starting from June 2017. Despite all sorts of difficulties MSM groups are facing, they are working hard, and are heroes in fact. The project uses “connection” as intervention to promote the following 4 core beliefs:

“H” Health: to establish a healthy and abundance lifestyle.
“E” Experience: to widen scopes of interests, hobbies and curiosity.
“R” Re-connection:to enable MSM to re-establish good relationship with families and friends.
“O” Opportunity:to enable MSM to connect with social service so that there are more opportunities and possibilities.

Our project includes case counselling and medical support service, MSM groups and activities, outreaching to community and professional education. There are cross-disciplinary collaboration with paramedics, art therapists and theatre professionals. Apart from dealing with drug influence of MSM, we would also convey the message of harm reduction and promote a culture of MSM-friendly to the community and our partners.

HARiS – HIV and AIDS Response Indicator Survey for Men who have Sex with Men

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