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Issue 019
2017 May

Jockey Club Ti-I College Volunteer in Pui Oi School

About 160 students from Secondary Four of Jockey Club Ti-I College volunteered in Pui Oi School on 3 April. They were divided into 5 groups led by about 10 of their teachers to clean the school premises, clear weeds on the roof top garden, draw mural paintings, play games and made some small gifts with boarding students of Pui Oi.

Both volunteering students and boarding students of Pui Oi School had an enjoyable and fun-filled day. They played games and drew creative paintings. Even though cleaning and clearing weeds demanded much effort, the volunteers were able to complete them. Paper cranes and paper rabbits made by the volunteering students were presented as blessings for the school.

Students who were responsible for mural painting had a busy day, they had a brief lunch in order to finish the painting on time. Everyone marvelled at the colourful, vivid, and exquisite painting. It was like an underwater world and a playground that added vibrant and colour to the school. It ignited the imagination of the students and brought laughter to them.

We thanked the students and teachers of Jockey Club Ti-I College to volunteer a whole day in Pui Oi School. We would also like to thank Nippon Paint in sponsoring the paints without which the event would not have been so smooth.

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