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Issue 019
2017 May
Make Over for Single Elders

Being stylist and fashionable are brand new experiences for elders. Our BDECC promoted this make over project for our elders who are living in solitude to age gracefully and beautifully.

HSBC Community Partnership Programme sponsored our project. Volunteers were trained on hairstyling, makeup and photography to provide outreaching service to elders living in solitude most of whom have low self image. We hope through this make over, elders could re-build their self-image and re-establish their social network. During the makeover process, volunteers put respect and communication as top priorities in order that elders could feel the care and concern and eventually bring forth a change in their outlook afterwards.

A clean cut short hair, a simple makeup and a few pictures may not bring a fundamental change to elders overnight but we hope through this small change, they could feel warmth and hope.

Elders are carried away after the makeup and could not help smiling. Volunteers are very interested in hairstyling and are glad to be able to apply the skills to serve the elders. Volunteers outreach to take pictures of elders on their daily life, elders treasure very much the pictures.

The 3rd Outstanding Staff of Elderly Service

Miss Li Wai Ching and Miss Yue Shui Ching were awarded outstanding staff of the professional category and frontline category respectively of the 3rd Outstanding Staff of Elderly Service. Miss Li is a role model for her team. She applies her professional knowledge and skills through continuous learning and puts them into practice to provide people-oriented service. Miss Yue is active, responsible, cheerful and energetic towards the elders. She is able to establish a trusting relationship with them and help to achieve ageing in place. These respect and commitment deserve appreciation from the sector.

photo photo

Opening Ceremony of Airport Preschool

Our Airport Preschool has come into operation on 21 March at the Hong Kong International Airport. It was managed by us and funded by Airport Authority of over $5 million. We have 46 infants in the first year to serve parents of the airport community with over 20 organisations.

Miss Emily Chan Yuen Man, Principal of Airport Preschool said, “We recruit professionals in education and child care to teach and take care of our infants. Our teacher student ratio is better than stipulated. We hope infants could grow and develop happily in our school.”

Our Airport Preschool is the first-ever airport-based nursery. It is also the first nursery with nurse stationed and the first nursery equipped with breast feeding room.

First China Conference of Dyslexia

Mr. Bill Lo, Chief Supervisor of our School Social Work Service (SSW) and two of their Service Supervisors: Miss Hon Shun Sum and Miss Cheung Sau Yin were invited as guest speakers by the Li Ka Shing Foundation to attend the “1st China Conference of Dyslexia” held in Shantou of Guangdong. There were over 150 participants of social workers, health care professionals and teachers from across the country.

The Conference was jointly organised by Guangdong Province Preventive Mental Health Committee, Mental Health Centre of Shantou University and Shantou Disabled Persons’ Federation. During the conference, our School Social Work Service colleagues shared a talk on “An intervention model which is school-based multi-disciplinary system to support secondary students with special needs” .There were in-depth exchanges and with dyslexia professionals from Peking University, Sun-Yat Sen University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

After the conference, they were invited to the experts’ session to make recommendation on future support and development to dyslexia children in Shanton.

Colleagues of SSW were invited by Li Ka Shing Foundation to the 1st China Conference of Dyslexia as guest speakers During the experts’ session, our colleagues made suggestions and recommendations on the future development to dyslexia children in Shantou.

Easter No Assignment – Self- learning Programme

Students in Hong Kong are under stress, there are a lot of home works and assignments and students are afraid to go to school while some even do not want to go to school. In view of this situation, our Happy Teens Clubs promote no assignment for primary school and let students choose how they would like to learn.

According to the survey conducted from August to October in 2016 on “Students/Parents’ opinion and expectation on assignments”, over 70% of students and 60% of parents support no assignment for primary school and students prefer no assignment during long holidays, while most of them supported no assignment during Lunar New Year holidays and Christmas (both 75.3%); no assignment during Easter (72.2%) came next. Both students and parents thought that no assignments for primary school students could achieve the following 3 objectives:

87.2% of students and 79.7% of parents thought that students could develop their hobbies.

85.5% of students and 83.3% of parents were of the opinion that students could enjoy and relax themselves.

85.1% of students and 78.2% of parents considered it could reduce pressure on learning.

For the first time, our Happy Teens Club collaborated with two primary schools from January to April 2017 to launch Easter no assignment self-learning programme, there were no homework, exercises, assignments. Students could plan their holidays to enjoy the leisure, fun and develop their hobbies so that they could enjoy self-learning.

Before Easter began we held briefing sessions for students, parents and teachers of the two schools to explain our rationale, purposes and the importance of self-learning and playing on children’s growth and learning motives. We hope students could regain the enjoyment of life, learn to decide for themselves, and plan their holidays. On the other hand, conflicts could be avoided as parents did not need to force their children to do homework but instead they have more time to be with their children.

We specially invited Professor Vicky C W Tam, Department of Education, Hong Kong Baptist University to assist in this programme to conduct qualitative research to understand the experiences and feedback from students, parents and teachers towards self-learning and no assignment during holidays, and the effect on students’ learning attitude etc. so as to further explore if Hong Kong could borrow Taiwan’s example to abolish assignments, as if it is a tradition, in Lunar New Year and reduce pressure on learning of students and to create “new” space for them.

Findings on opinions and expectation from students/parents towards no assignment released Easter no assignment – Self-learning programme Teacher workshop Easter no assignment – Self-learning programme Student workshop

Parade to Spread Happiness to Hong Kong People

The United Nations proclaimed 20 March as the “International Day of Happiness” to recognise the importance of happiness. However, according to the findings in the 2016 World Happiness Report, Hong Kong dropped three positions to 75 among the 156 countries/ cities. Our Happy Teens Clubs always works towards the goals of achieving a happy life among the teens. A parade was held in the afternoon of 19 March where parents and youths took two cabriolet buses to spread the message of well-being and happiness through five important ways: positive emotion, dedication, positive relationship, meaningful and sense of achievement.

The parade started from Un Chau Estate all the way through Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The parade stopped briefly in Central Piers and Clock Tower of Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier where interactive game booths were set up to invite passersby to join their activities and happy postcards were distributed to participants to encourage them to spread the messages of happiness to their families and friends through different means.

Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme

Both our Shamshuipo Happy Teens Club (SSPCHTC) and Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club (KTHTC) received awards of the 2016-17 Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme. The award was jointly presented by Home Affairs Bureau and Commission on Youth to select 18 outstanding summer programmes from their respective administrative districts. An anti-drug programme of SSPCHTC received the award that through handicrafts, dances, music and physical training exercise for youth to nurture positive values and attitudes of life to resist the temptation of drugs. An experiential theatrical project of KTHTC was also awarded where a group of youth conveys means of becoming happy to the public by drama script-writing, rehearsals and public performance.

Djembe Drum Drum

Service recipients of our On Wah Day Activity Centre were invited to perform Djembe in March 2017 to the community to show their talents in music. They displayed their potential through the performance and built up self-confidence throughout the process. After all it was their first performance and a step towards mutual inclusion!

On that day, 8 service recipients dressed in their costumes, Djembe on hold, marched warily to the stage and performed rhythmically under the conduction of the staff. They received the most active participation award in the performance.

PARKnSHOP Green School Programme

Pui Oi School joined the PARKnSHOP Green School Programme of which the programme provided funding for the school for organic farming. A small area near the main entrance of the school campus was specially catered to this purpose. Students were very eager in this programme while teachers and parents also witnessed the growth of the vegetable. The process provided a very good interactive platform for students, teachers and parents in sharing and exchanging information about cultivation.

Students learned the advantages and characteristics of organic farming as well as the basic conditions for plants to grow. Furthermore, the English group joined the activity in which students learnt many vocabularies related to farming at the same time. Students and parents were very happy to share their fruitful return when harvest.

We shall continue the programme so that more students can participate and grow more varieties of vegetables and understand the importance of sustainable farming.

Everything is ready, students begin to sow the seeds. Both senior and junior students take care of the vegetable. Growing healthily, ready for harvest.

The Bond of couples

Our Family Ties Integrated Family Service Centre has been planning the project “bond of couples” for more than a year before it kicks off. In our everyday work, we realise that in order for children to grow healthily, happy family experience is crucial while happy marriage is the key. We identified 4 elements contributing to happy marriage, they are: emphasis on commitment, understanding and tolerance, stimulating growth and sharing the pains and gains. Each one of these elements would be promoted in small groups and activities in turn such as: couples would revisit and strengthen the vows when they took in the wedding ceremony, cooking class for couples to experience the bittersweet of life just like that of different dishes and another couples activity to explore essential components for the marriage to go on.

Couples who join this series of programme would take a closer look at those basic elements, which have been neglected to maintain relationship, such as the sweet voice of the other party, the sense of security felt, to recollect the feeling of first love, more hugging, respect and appreciation towards one another and grateful for being there, etc.

We have sown the seeds for this bond of love in the past year, we would keep going and hope these seeds would germinate in more families within the district.

The Silver Glitter of Hope

On 18 March, the Silver Glitter of Hope was launched in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University., It is a programme of our Support to Ethnic Elderly (SEE) Project funded by The Community Chest of Hong Kong. It is hoped to enhance the community’s care and concern towards elders of the ethnic minorities (EM).

We have invited Dr. Lam Ching Choi, BBS, JP, Chairman of the Elderly Commission, Miss Wong Yin Yee, District Social Welfare Officer (Kowloon City/Yau Tsim Mong) of Social Welfare Department to be our guests of honour. The programme of the day included: dance performances by EM elders, life stories sharing and game booths of different cultures. There were over 100 EM participants joined this joyous activity.

Dr. Lam Ching Choi, BBS, JP, Chairman of Elderly Commission (top, left), Miss Wong Yin Yee, Social Welfare Officer (Kowloon City/Yau Tsim Mong), Social Welfare Department (middle, top), Dr. Lee Kar Mut, Carmel, Chairman of Association for the Rights of the Elderly (top, right), Miss Chak Tung Ching, our Deputy Director (Service & Development) (bottom, right) and Miss Chan Chun Ho, Karrie, General Manager of our Elderly Core Business (bottom, left) Guests are reading the booklet of EM elders on their bits and pieces of lives. Elders of different ethnic groups gather together to watch the performan

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