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Issue 018
2017 March

Please support children art development fund

Art is an important tool for children to express themselves. We pioneered in 2003 to organise the first children creative art exhibition. While receiving favourable comments, we obtained all parents’ consent to put up all exhibits for charity sale. The income all went to our Children Art Development Fund to support art activities, children of deprived families to art classes and activities of our nursery schools. Altogether, the Fund has supported more than 640 deprived and low income families to participate in parenting activities to appreciate children dramas and musicals, 15 families to participate in art experiential activities outside Hong Kong and 45 teachers to art exchange and training. We are dedicated to achieve the goal of equal learning opportunities in art.

We shall organise the Children Art Creation Exhibition from 5 to 7 May 2017 at the Exhibition Hall of Shatin Town Hall. Exhibits would be put up for charity sale and published in the form of a book for sale at $120. All funds raised will go to the Children Art Development Fund.

If you would like to buy the exhibit or the book, please contact Mr. Mak at 27316221; or Miss Lui at 24865007 for enquiry or donation.

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