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Issue 018
2017 March

Love and care in foster homes

Yan Yan came from a single parent family. When she was small, she had seen many fights between her parents. She lived with her father after her parents divorced. Her father later became temperamental and Yan Yan was bitten up every now and then. In fear, helplessness and lacking in love, Yan Yan shut herself from the outside world. She was put into a foster home. With the unceasing support from social worker, the concern and acceptance of her foster family despite of Yan Yan’s rebellious and lonely character, the barrier of Yan Yan was eventually knocked down. She finished university, has a stable job and a family of her own.

We have been providing foster service since 1972 and there are many loving families growing together with our foster children for over the past 45 years. Foster families provide stable family life, care and love and development for these foster children. Social workers help these children to face different life challenges, help them overcome their status as foster children and personal problems. They also provide support to these foster families to help the foster children to live their lives. For the past years, there were 270 children re-united with their own families or being adopted.

The government in its Policy Address 2017 stated that there will be 240 additional quotas for foster service. We welcome the government in acknowledging this kind of family mode of care, however, the biggest problem was the lack of foster families. Children have to wait for more than half a year to find a suitable foster home. Fostering is to take care of children who experience some kind of trauma or family problems, we are deeply in need of families who could offer their love and care to these children.

Ideal foster parents:

  • Stable and happy family
  • Healthy and emotionally stable
  • Aged 25 or above
  • Primary education or above
  • Tidy and safe home with sufficient living space
  • Fond of children, have the ability and experience to take care of children
  • Able to offer comprehensive care to children
  • Willing to be inspected and supervised by social workers

If you would like to have further information about foster care, we could introduce to you or your association on foster service. Please call us at 2492 6088 and contact our social worker on duty.

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