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Issue 018
2017 March

2016-17 Caring Company Scheme and
Caring Company Community Partnership Expo

In 2016-17, 41 corporates and organisations that we nominated were awarded Caring Company logos organised by Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Two of them received the award of 10 years Plus Caring Company logo and there were 8 corporates and associations awarded the Caring Company logo and Caring Organisation logo for the first time. The Caring Company Scheme reached its 15th anniversary this year and the first time to award the Caring Company Logo for a continuous period of 15 years or above and we were excited that one of our nominees received this award.

The Caring Company Partnership Expo was held on 10 March at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in recognition of the corporates and provided more opportunities for business sector and social service sector to collaboration. This was our first time to participate in the expo to display and introduce our multi-service to participants. Many partners approached our booth and shared their experiences with us. We had also prepared some souvenirs to those who “like” our Facebook on the spot. These souvenirs were made by service users from Pui Oi School, On Wah Day Activity Centre and Un Chau Neighbourhood Elderly Centre which were highly appreciated by our corporate partners.

Furthermore, we were invited by HKCSS to design one of the art pieces in the expo. That exhibit was made and designed by elders and women from different ethnic groups to convey the message of positive energy and inclusion.

Finally we congratulated corporates and organisations who received the award and we thanked our friends and partners for their support. We hope to apply the skills and synergy of our partners in helping the needy through our various activities.

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