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Issue 018
2017 March
Airport Preschool

Airport Preschool came into operation in March 2017, it was our first collaboration with Hong Kong Airport Authority to operate corporate based nursery. It is located at Terminal 2. It provides care and education for children aged 0-3. There are three number ones for the preschool. It is the first airport based nursery in Hong Kong, the first preschool to have a specific room to support breast feeding mother. It is also the first preschool to have a stationed nurse.

Airport Preschool provides “Happy Curriculum” which is based on the concept of growing happily and holistic development for children aged 0-3. We hope we could create a meaningful and happy learning environment for the children to bring forth comprehensive development through both education and caring, emotion and positive character development, game based activities and assessment of its effectiveness.

Apart from the 16 SQS (Service Quality Standards) required by Social Welfare Development, Airport Preschool will also adopt an international standard – Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale to monitor the operation to ensure that its objectives, safety and hygiene is up to an international standard.

Pario Kindergarten

Pario Kindergarten came into operation in March. It is our first non-profit making kindergarten which is located in lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate. Pario means nurturing intelligent and happy children. Our curriculum carries on the concept of holistic development and happy learning, connecting daily life to each learning areas from the perspective of children. We emphasise on arousing children’s interest in learning, building up positive sense of value and pro-active attitude, to eventually laying the foundation for life long learning. We enable them to think more and ask more, through experiential learning to arouse their curiosity, to enhance their problem solving skills and indirectly raise their self confidence and ability to look after themselves. We are also dedicated to cultivating good character and healthy living habits among children to facilitate them to get to know themselves to build up their physique, to learn to appreciate and experience the beauty in life, to love and care for others, to utilise efficiently and learn to reciprocate community resources, to achieve all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics, becoming happy little citizen.

photo photo

Lee Wai Chung received the 26th Outstanding Social Worker Award

Congratulations to Mr. Lee Wai Chung (Chung Sir) of our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club for being awarded the 26th Outstanding Social Worker Award organised by the Hong Kong Social Workers Association. The award presentation ceremony was held on 20 January, officiated by the then Acting Secretary for Labour and Welfare Bureau, Mr. Stephen Sui, JP.

Chung Sir has been rooted in Integrated Children and Youth Service for the past 20 years, with an innovative mind he has many breakthroughs in caring for the needy and the deprived. He launched the pioneered “Mobile Adventure Service” for the mild to severe grade mentally handicapped persons; for the low motivated and withdrawn overage youth, he launched the "Back to School Project" to help them back to school. He once used a basketball to build up a youth development platform for children from low-income families in the neighbourhood. He lined up various corporate resources and introduced hot meals to poor families and children lacking in care. Recently, he pioneered in a new housing estate to provide mobile services in the streets when no office premises available - he mobilised residents of Anderson Estate to integrate into this new community. These innovative, thoughtful and practical services are Chung Sir’s devotion to social work profession.

The meaning of birthday gift

What kind of birthday gift do you want? Have you ever received an unforgettable birthday gift?

Man Pok Yin, a student of our Times Nursery School held his 5 years old birthday party earlier on. He did not ask for any toys, books or clothes as his birthday gifts, he told his friends: "I do not want any special gifts; however, we can donate money to school to buy toys and books so that we could play and read together." At the end, after discussion with his parents, he donated all his gifts, amounting to $2600, to the school, so that the school could buy more resources for other children as well.

He hoped this spirit of sharing could have an impact on others as well.

Pok Yin always wants to be a fire fighter to serve others! Children sent their blessings to Pok Yin 3 years of friendship is denoted by sharing among friends.

Yes! I Can!
Lunar New Year Fair
Pui Oi School

Pui Oi School participated the first time in Lunar New Year Fair this year. The activity was concluded successfully. This was the first time students from different subjects joined together and also the first time students "jump out" from Tuen Mun. Students were enthusiastic and committed to the activity from preparation, publicity to selling.

They started off cautiously, and to everybody’s surprise, it was breakeven on the first day. At the end, the total income was 3 times of total cost. The result was heartening and the surplus was saved as capital for the next year.

Staff of the school, alumni, schoolmates, parents, colleagues of CS, principals of other schools visited the stall, some came just because they received the online promotional materials. These were very encouraging and we were grateful for all the support.

We shall continue to prepare for the fair next year so that more students could participate and eventually prepare them for their life planning.

Group photo taken on the first day of the Fair Mr. Suen, the school supervisor, visited the stall showing support to the students Students were actively promoting their products to visitors

To carry on the tradition of our youth service, we continued to organise activities at Lunar New Year Fair. The potential of youth is unlimited when they have the opportunities.

Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team

Our Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team organised lunar new year activities where youth learned interpersonal and self management skills. Planning, making of aromatic blocks, aromatic lip gloss, sourcing decors for the stalls in Shamshuipo, attracting customers, selling the products to customers, handling unexpected situations were all precious experiences to them.

Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club

Under the organisation of our Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club, a group of members and their families cooperated to bid for a stall at the Lunar New Year Fair. They prepared everything from bidding, production and products purchased from the mainland. Their products, "an egg", symbolised a breakthrough from inside. This was the first trans-generation activity that made dreams come true. The 3 generations complimented one another: energetic children, creative youth and careful considerations from parents contributed to a successful event.

North Point Happy Teens Club

Fourteen youths from our North Point Happy Teens Club had been preparing for the 2017 Lunar New Year Fair since June 2016. They exploited their creativity from planning to putting it into reality, from identifying the premises, proposal writing to product design. This was an invaluable experience for youth to taste entrepreneurship, obtained life experience through cooperation and communication.

Unveiling ceremony of the memorial garden for Miss Lau Fung Chun

Miss Lau Fung Chun, the late Principal of Pui Oi School, had served the School for almost 30 years. Miss Lau was dedicated in her teaching and contributed to the school and students selflessly. To Miss Lau, students always came first and enabling them to become independent was always the wish of Miss Lau. Being a school sponsoring body, we together with the Teacher-Parent Association named the central garden as Memorial Garden for Miss Lau Fung Chun. The unveiling of the plaque ceremony was held on 23rd January.

The ceremony was officiated by Mr. Suen Lai Sang, supervisor of Pui Oi School. Representatives from the Incorporated Management Committee, Teacher-Parent Association, officials from Education Bureau, Miss Lau’s family members, friendly associations, principals from other schools, and parents of the students attended the ceremony. The speeches delivered by the school supervisor, Mr. Suen, the Principal, Miss Wu and students, conveyed the noble spirit of Miss Lau, her enthusiasm, devotion, love and care.

Because of her love, we gather today at this corner of the garden, to pay our tribute to her virtue, commitment and diligence. She was a paradigm worth learning for all students and teachers and deserved our greatest respect.

The 16th Creative Eco-Model Tournament

Pui Oi School participated in the 16th Creative Eco-Model Tournament organised by Green Council. It was hoped that through production of model cars, inputting basic physics and team work, designing a mechanic model to enhance the creative and innovative thinking in green technologies among students.

The idea of model car was a mouse grabbing model cars, turning potential energy of rubber bands into kinetic energy to provide driving force for the model cars. The competition was timed and the winner was the first team to reach the destination. Two teams from our school participated in the primary and secondary category. Both students and teachers spent a lot of effort in designing the model cars, picking the right material, tests and making improvements. They conducted field test the day before the tournament. Under the collective efforts of students and teachers, the secondary school team won the 2nd runner up in the tournament. The result was encouraging. It enabled students to participate in experiential learning and they also experienced the fun of science subjects. It also prepared them for STEM (ie. science, technology, engineer and mathematics) which is implemented in secondary school.

Goal.Faith – pursuing dreams

Goal.Faith provided a platform for our Happy Teens Club (HTC) youth to apply their talents and potential. Our HTCs organised flash mop and talents training day camp where participants could learn from and appreciate one another. In order to enrich their experiences in performing, Goal.Faith held a major show on 26th February at Sai Kung Waterfront Park, 19 teams from our 4 HTCs showcased their talents non-stop for 4 hours. There were performances of Chinese music, Band Sound Music, Busking, K-Pop Dance and Jazz Funk. The atmosphere was high.

To bring together our HTCs, we invited Mr. Tai King Ho, a young man who loves music, to compose the theme song "Set off", and music arrangement by the famous song writer, Mr. John Laudon. Mr. Lau Wang Kei was the volunteer producer. Eight young people from our 4 HTCs sang the song. "Set off" expresses the fearlessness of youth when encountering difficulties and challenges, it is about their unceasing efforts in attaining their ideals.

Breathtaking performance by Blue Dreams Mr. Lau Wang Kei (1st left) and Mr. John Laudon (2nd left) and other lead singers recording the song Recording in progress

“Lai-See for all”

Our 10th "Lai–see for all" concluded on 23rd February. There were 18 corporates and schools participated in this meaningful event to support our service development in helping the deprived.

We specially thank Commercial Press for placing our donation boxes in 3 of their branches and main office to collect Lai-see from the public so that they could participate in our activity.

The result of this activity will be announced soon in our website. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks again! See you next year!

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