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Issue 017
2017 Janurary

A warm 'yum cha' gathering with seniors

A warm afternoon in the beginning of December 2016, 120 seniors from our Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team, Un Chau Neighbourhood Eelderly Centre and Bliss District Elderly Community Centre gathered together in a restaurant at Shek Kip Mei. With the company of female volunteers from Sunbright Dance Troupe Limited, the seniors enjoyed delicious dim sum and old songs. One of the seniors with walking aids remarked that he has not been to a restaurant for many years and he looked for more similar opportunities in future. You are welcome to become a volunteer to make the wish of our service users come true.

Female volunteers were rooting for harmonica performance by a visually impaired senior. The bright smile lightened up the room with warmth. Volunteer carefully helped seniors with their dim sum.

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