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Issue 017
2017 Janurary

The corporate to walk with children with special needs and
their parents Alcoa International (Asia) Limited

Since 2012, Alcoa International (Asia) Limited has been organising large-scale parenting activities with Chih Ai Parents’ Association of our Infant Stimulation and Parenting Effectiveness Training Service every October. They not only sponsored all expenses and gifts of the activities, their corporate volunteers would also organise thoughtful games, booths for children and members of the Parents’ Association. Both children and their parents are always looking forward to this annual event. Their activities carry different themes: adventure-based activity, parenting sports day, orienteering activities, appreciation of arts, dance, etc. They enable children of different abilities to have fun and enjoy themselves in a barrier free environment while at the same time their parents are able to relax and make adjustments to their daily lives.

The parenting camp held by the end of 2016 was one of the many unforgettable events. A dance performance by children and their parents was held in the camp. In order to ensure the performance was smooth, corporate volunteers went to our Head Office to participate in the dance performance training. Parents, social workers and volunteers spent many hard-working evenings there. The Parents' Association treasured the attention and acceptance of the corporate volunteers to their children.

Looking back at the activities for the past five years, there were about 1,500 persons from the Chih Ai Parents' Association who benefited from them, both in material terms like gifts, medals, art pieces, annual journals of the Parents' Association, or intangibles like care and concern. All these support were encouraging and valuable to both children and their parents.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alcoa International (Asia) Limited throughout these years. Their dedication to fulfill social responsibility and support of their volunteers to children with special needs and their parents are much appreciated.

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