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Issue 017
2017 January
Seniors' sense of hope research press conference cum
sharing of the project "Building HOPE with Elders"

Our Elderly Core Business released the research report on seniors’ sense of hope on 20 November 2016. The research found that “medical service to seniors” (80.3%) and “respect and acceptance of the society towards them” (76.9%) affected their sense of hope the most. Under the present situation, more than half of the seniors interviewed were dissatisfied with the service and quality of hostel service and retirement protection, 49.8% and 47.7% respectively, and their sense of hope were also comparatively lower. There were findings revealed that sense of hope would improve both physical and mental health of seniors, therefore, we urge the departments concerned would look into this and strengthen the well-being of seniors.

There were sharing on the project “Building HOPE with Elders” at the same time. The project fulfilled wishes of seniors, so as to enhance their sense of hope and re-collect the meaning of life. This project enabled more than 20 seniors to fulfill their wishes, such as re-visiting a place with special meaning to them, holding wedding ceremony, learning musical instrument, baking cookies, etc.

Fulfill wishes of seniors

88 year old Madam Cheung was excited to share her hand-made delicious cookies with others. Uncle Fat who is visually impaired was able to fulfill his wish to perform Erhu in front of the audience. Yin Hung aged 96 was excited to be able to wear glittering Cheongsam again to take picture in a studio. The greatest wish for Ah Kiu and Uncle Yau is to get married after being together for half a century, look how happy they are.
Uncle Kwok has difficulty in moving, he lived in solitude; happy tears fell down when he could visit Temple Street again. "Seniors' sense of hope” release of research press conference, Mr. Li Tin Lun, Centre-in-charge of Shamshuipo Integrated Home Care Service Team (left) and Mr. Tse Chin Pang, member of Elderly Council (right). Our special guest of honour, Miss Yu Mo Lin (2nd left, front), Mr. Bruce Lee, as civil celebrant of marriage for seniors (1st left, front), Miss Chak Tung Ching, our Deputy Director (Service & Development) (3rd left, front)

Pui Oi School was awarded Certificate of Merit in the
"18 Districts Caring Employer Award 2016"

Pui Oi School received the Certificate of Merit in the “18 Districts Caring Employer Award 2016” which was organised by Labour & Welfare Bureau, Rehabilitation Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. It was the first time the school received the award in appreciation of the dedication and effort in promoting and mobilising employment and mutual inclusion of the disabled.

Staff are assigned to duties based on their special needs and with professional advices from paramedics. Girdles, wristers and patient hoists are provided. They would also receive occupational trainings and advices from time to time. Furthermore, there is a working guideline which school will flexibly adjust their duties and deploy extra manpower when necessary to support these colleagues. We offer 24-hours free Employee Assistance Service to promote mental health.

The school makes use of the strength of the disabled so that they could have satisfaction and dignity at work. The Principal thanked every staff of the school for the mutual support and encouragement to one another to convey the message of mutual inclusion, equality and respect.

photo photo

2016 Hong Kong Technology and Renewable Energy Award

Pui Oi School has participated in the annual solar energy model car competition since 2011. Through participation, we hope students can broaden the horizons of students, apply solar energy in design and produce a model car, nurture an interest to pursue in science and problem solving skills. After gaining five years' experience in this competition, they won several awards in the 2016 Hong Kong Technology and Renewable Energy Award.

The competition was organised by Electronics Technology Education Association (HK) and e-Campus Today. There were eight teams participated in the competition: students from P4, P5, S1 to S3 and S5. Students stayed after school to design and assemble model cars. Our staff made a 5 meter long track in the campus. After many tests and improvements to the design, we were able to get 13 awards in the solar energy model cars and solar energy model cars (loaded) competition including champion, first and third runners up, first class and second class awards, first class in the best outlook award, first and second class in the best use of renewable materials. The results were encouraging and students jumped for joy. Receiving the championship and first runner up were recognition and encouraging to development of STEM in school.

STEM refers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics

A musical to regain your first intention – 'Siu Keung Theatre'

A working group on community concern and advocacy of justice of our SSPCHTC organised a musical “Siu Keung Theatre” on 23 December 2016 at the Fringe Club. A group of youth worked hard for more than two months to explore the theme, create the plot and songs. They hoped to share the strong belief behind the nobody in society and aroused the audience to re-think their first intent of living. A call from students to public: "Accumulation of ant’s strength can overcome obstacles and change the course of this generation! " (Extract from "Dreams".)

The performance on that day might not be perfect, however those on stage and behind-the-scenes believed that we could make things better by taking a step forward. "Fly wherever you want, no need to give up, explore wholeheartedly, do trust yourself!" (Extract from "Siu Keung") We look forward to more opportunities and occasions to share the spirit of "Siu Keung".

"Are you ready?"  Microfilm . Love

Adolescences are full of fantasy towards their first love, however, they are not yet prepared to love and to be loved. As a result, they have to bear painful consequences and affect their development or may even distort their sense of values. Our Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team believes that love is the core need during the development of adolescences. Service users were invited to produce a microfilm “Are you ready?” to share their experiences on the theme of pregnancy and love. They wrote up the script, acted in the microfilm and worked on its post-production.

"Are you ready?" was about how the two pairs of adolescence to make a decision between pregnancy and love, as well as in handling the intimate relationship. We invited youths, volunteers and community partners to collaborate in the shooting of the microfilm. We hoped through the interaction during the production process, it could stimulate more in-depth reflection of love and values from youngsters, as well as to learn to communicate and maintain long term love relationship. “Are you ready?” is also part of the sex education learning kit of our team. We hope it can reach out to more young people in Yuen Long as community education through case intervention model and activities (such as sharing after the film).

Love sports, love art, enable healthy and happy childhood

It is said that "One sports/ arts in life" aims at cultivating a lifelong hobby for children in art and sports activity. What would happen if the two are combined?

In the summer of 2016, our Pario Arts Education Centre and their students vividly portrayed many 3-dimensional sculptures from their gracious gestures during sports activities. Fifty-two children submitted their creations to participate in the “2016 I love Summer Children Creation Competition”.

We were glad that there were 25 children received awards in this competition, included 1 creative award, 4 golden awards, 7 silver awards and 13 bronze awards. Our Pario Arts Education Centre received the golden award of "GNET Star Creation Elite award" for their achievement in art education.

Congratulations to those who received the awards. We thanked all children for their enthusiasm and appreciated their effort in this competition. We hope all children in this path of creation could learn from one another, encourage one another and walk together in art.

Children spent two months to learn to make sculpture from clay. A display of a student’s gesture in outing won the Creative award "Big" and "little" friends shared the happiness of the award Group photo with all the awards

Knowing me knowing you
Enabling autistic children to read your mind

We often heard that autistic children do not understand others, but do we understand them?

Many social groups available in the market only concentrate on the behaviour of autistic children, rigidly forcing them to recite conversations to be applied into mock social situations. Our District-based Speech Therapy Team goes into the root problem of their social skills, we combined theory and practice to launch a 2-year programme to try to understand their minds since May 2016.

Apart from regular speech training, speech therapist would provide intensive social skills training; this is not social conversation training but to learn basic communication skills such as eye contact, vocabularies about emotions, putting themselves into somebody's shoes and eventually learned to try to guess people's feelings and intentions under different situations. Children learn to have empathy instead of rigidly reciting social conversations.

Upon completion of the programme, parents and teachers of autistic children were amazed at the change of these children. Many of them do not appreciate light hearted jokes before, but now they would not get mad at them. This indeed is a significant change for autistic children.

Fifth anniversary cum open day of new office of Family Ties

The fifth anniversary cum open day of new office of Family Ties (FT) was held on 10 December 2016. FT was established in December 2011 when it shared office with our Service for Young Night Drifters in Lei Cheng Uk Estate. It was re-located to its present address in Shek Kip Mei Estate since January 2016. We were honoured to have Mrs. Helen Kwok Li Mung Yee, District Welfare Officer of Shamshuipo District Social Welfare Office, Social Welfare Department (SWD), Miss Micy Lui Siu Ying, Chief Social Work Officer of Family Services Section of SWD and Mr. Suen Lai Sang, our Director to be our guests of honour. Friends and partners of our neighbourhood also came to our Open Day. Programmes on that day included: video about the new centre, performance by our nursery school students, sharing by volunteers and service users, time capsule, booth games and snacks. Service users shared that they appreciated our staff and our social workers were nice in helping them to resolve their disturbed emotion and taught them parenting skills in taking care of babies. Volunteers shared that they most enjoyed the parenting volunteer group as they could broaden their horizon while at the same time they in turn could help other people. The open day was a milestone to continue our mission to serve with love and conscientious.

Wish Come True 2016
Fulfill small wishes to ignite infinite hopes

Christmas has just passed, how many presents and blessings did you receive? We could send our blessings to the needy while we enjoy ours. So let's do it

Our Wish Come True has always been providing assistance to the deprived to help them to fulfill their wishes. Over the past eight years, we have successfully fulfilled the wishes of over 1,700 families and there were 300 more on this Christmas Eve. We sincerely thank the donation from concerned people. Below were some stories of "Wish Come True" :

Ching Ching, 5 years old, was delighted to receive toys to train small hand muscles. Uncle Ping said the rice cooker makes cooking much easier. Thank you card from beneficiary

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