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Issue 016
2016 November

Open letter to CE candidates: tackle the roots of problems

Greetings to CE candidates!

Let’s do away with formalities and get to the point! Here is our expectation on you.

The vision of Hong Kong Christian Service is “towards a benevolent and just society, holistic development for all”, I am sure all of you would agree and support this, right?

However, the risk that Hong Kong faces now is not about no vision; it is about the government leaders’ sense of value, attitude and means in handling big issues that cause more harm than good to the extent that no matter be it constituency reform, economic development, land resources, housing supply, medical and education, alleviation of poverty, environmental infrastructure, was just a predicament.

Being a Christian social service organisation, we have three missions: instill hope, advocate justice and promote harmony. Using these three missions as indicators to measure against the situation of Hong Kong, they are our expectations upon you, and we hope you would consider them:

  1. Instill hope: it has been found that people in Hong Kong are exceptionally unhappy, pessimistic towards the future, hopeless, helpless and powerless, towards themselves, or the society as a whole. You are probably aware that if there is no hope, people would lose their positive momentum and so would the society.
  2. Advocate justice: unfair systems, outdated policies, ineffective governance, poor monitoring, uneven opportunities, tilted policies, all these reflect the situation of Hong Kong. These are also the culprit causing the sense of hopelessness. If the government thinks that improving housing supply, occasionally distributing cash premium, and providing more upward movement opportunities for our youth could solve the problems, that is merely self deception.
  3. Promote harmony: real harmony is achieved through mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual appreciation. The multi-cultural characteristic of Hong Kong is a fact, government leaders should respect such a diversity and become role models themselves.

On April 2012 when Mr. C Y Leung was a CE candidate, I wrote him an open letter quoting a famous saying of a Tang poet Bai Juyi addressed to the Tang emperor that people who were good for getting rid of the evil would know its root, people who are good at curing would curb its source. Regretfully, after four and a half years, people do not see the government willing to admit the root of the problems not to say getting rid of its root. Society is torn further apart, people felt worse. Let me quote another saying from Bai Juyi that to get rid of a problem is to go towards its root, not only does it have immediate effect, it also brings forth a result of contentment (harmony). I am sure, to tackle with the worries and illness of society, it is just the same. In the near future, one of you will become the CE, people of Hong Kong are eager to see a CE that follows the three indicators of hope, justice and harmony.

May God walk with you, give you love and compassion, courage and wisdom to build a future of justice, hope and harmony with the people of Hong Kong!

Suen Lai Sang
Hong Kong Christian Service


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