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Issue 016
2016 November

Make a Wish Come True 2016

"Fulfill small wishes Ignite infinite hope"

As Christmas is around the corner, have you ever thought of becoming Santa yourself and share the joy of Christmas with the deprived?

We continue the "Make a wish come true" programme through which more than 300 wishes were collected from our service units from low-income families/single parent families, seniors, children with special needs, mentally handicapped persons, rehabilitated youth and ethnic minorities. Among them there were:

  • Madam Lee, aged 85, is wheelchair bound, she wishes to have a chair with high back support to improve her sitting position so that pressure sores would not develop.
  • Ah Kit, aged 16, wishes to have a rice cooker to assist his mother in cooking, so that she can have more time to take care of his elder sister who is mentally handicapped.
  • Hoi Ming, aged 3 is wait listing for assessment, during this period, his mother hopes to have a toy that could help him to develop fine motor as well as improve parenting and brotherhood.

We sincerely invite all of you to support this "Make a wish come true" programme by donation, your support not only benefit directly the needy but also is a gesture of love and care from the community at Christmas!

Enquiry: 2731 6369 / 2731 6362

Details of the programme http://www.hkcs.org/support/wishcometrue/wish2016-e.html

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