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Issue 016
2016 November

Eye checkup is caring

It may seem ordinary for us to take eye checkup, however, it is no easy task for ethnic minorities (EMs) due to language barrier. We have partnered with Lenscrafters for several years to provide free eye checkups and glasses prescription to keep their eye problems at bay and indirectly improve their quality of life. The eye checkup was held on 21 September where there were more than 40 Ems (including elders and women) of CHEER, ISSA, and Project SEE participated. Our colleagues assisted in translation so that participants could undergo a series of checkup such as: intra-ocular pressure, color-vision assessment, stereopsis, prescription for lens and checkup. There were free prescriptions for glasses for those who are in need.

Volunteers are examining the eyes of participants Volunteers are taking the prescription for glasses for participants

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