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Issue 016
2016 November

Building Your Dream House

Our Happy Teens Club, "Team of Care" of Henderson Land Group Property Management Department and "City-Youth Cares about Children" of the City University of Hong Kong organised "Building Your Dream House" Sharing cum second phase campaign on 24 September 2016 at the City University of Hong Kong. Representatives from organisations, benefited families and more than 80 volunteers were invited to the campaign.

The campaign hoped to teach teenagers some household repairing skills and to improve living condition of low-income families in order to promote family relationship and to build up mentor-mentee platform as well. The campaign provided an opportunity for corporate volunteers to share their life experiences to youth and inspire them.

The second phase of the campaign “Building Your Dream House” was to improve the living condition of 23 families. A workshop was held on 8 October where corporate volunteers taught basic home repairing techniques to volunteers of our Happy Teens Club and "City-Youth Cares about Children" of the City University of Hong Kong. This prepared them for the campaign and equipped them with skills for their future hoping to benefit more people.

Group photo of volunteers Volunteers of "Team of Care" are teaching youth volunteers wall painting skills Youth volunteers are learning to assemble parts of cabinet shelves

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