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Issue 016
2016 November

FSC Holdings Limited caring day 2016
Loving home with green electricity

Together with other five social welfare organisations, we were invited by FSC Holdings Limited to their Caring Day 2016 on 3 September. The activity was to bring warmth and blessing to families and those in need during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The ceremony took place at St. James Settlement. Volunteers went to different social service organisations. Fifty volunteers visited our Family Ties, after being briefed by our staff, they brought along small home appliances and lucky bags to grassroot families and seniors. They had warm and happy visit and the families found the small home appliances very useful.

There were 40 families benefited from the activity, we thanked FSC Holdings Limited for their care and concern for the needy.

Group photo before getting off Volunteers are ready-to-go Seniors being interviewed, together with volunteers and our colleagues

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