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Issue 016
2016 November
Community network development project –
Anderson Road Public Housing Development

Since June, residents of six blocks of the Anderson Estate started moving in. According to statistics, by 31 December this year, there will be about 2,100 children and youth aged 0-19 living in the estate. Our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club set up a community development support team from the date when residents obtained keys to their flats in order to support families with children who were placed to another school, help to take care of children and provide tuition as well as to prevent the formation of youth gangs. We set up street offices in the only way where residents must pass by in July, offering 7-day a week service like tuition, consultation service for school placement, free fruit juices, Friday hot meals and teams to tour around.

In order to better serve residents in the estate, we launched our project "Jockey Club Anderson Community Support Network" formally on 1 October. We hope that we would use positive and strength-based community work approach to mobilise different resources network to support this huge population on the hill.

If you can donate toys, books, stationeries, folding tables for children, please contact our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club at 2749 9633.

photo photo photo

Jockey Club paid a visit to CLAP@Youth (Kowloon West)

Voting members of the Jockey Club Charities Trust and partners of our CLAP@ Youth Programme (Kowloon West) visited our office in Lai Yiu Estate on 7 September. During the visit, there were service users demonstrating their abilities and potentials such as indoor shooting, mixing of drinks, baking and coffee making as well as introducing the centre. Guests were interested in the growth and development of service users that were important for their future life planning.

Our partners also shared about their experiences, the importance of supportive platforms and their roles in the four stages of the programme: engagement, self-understanding, career & pathway exploration and career planning management. Our guests were deeply impressed by the sharing from service users and appreciated their effort to bring about changes and growth

photo photo
Mr. Lau Fu Shing, Chief Executive officer of Richform Holdings Ltd, shared their role as one of the partners in this service.
Group photo:
Voting Member of HKJC, Mr. Chew Fook Aun (2nd left, front row) and Mr. Lain Bruce (3rd left, front row) and Mr. Suen Lai Sang, our Director (1st left, front row) supported our youth.

Excellent Employee Wellness Provider Award

We are proud to announce that our Employee Development Service and Four Dimensions Consulting Limited have awarded the Excellent Employee Wellness Provider Award of the HKIHRM HR Excellence Awards 2015/16. Our total solutions to assist employees with work/life issues, develop strengths/potentials, increase work engagement and positivity at work have received unanimous recognition as having clearly-defined objective and excellent execution. It is recognised as a good example of best HR practice contributing to serving companies’ business success. As our Service enters the 25th year, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the promotion of vibrant and healthy organisations to bring about positive changes in society.

Take a break
Pick up some hobbies

Our Shamshuipo District Coordinating Committee always concern about the needs of carers. We continued the event of last year to appreciate carers and organised a similar project this year jointly with 14 other service units in the district.

Carers put a lot of effort to take care of their family members and might neglect their personal needs which could be exhausting. The project aimed at encouraging carers to plan to take a break every now and then and picked up some hobbies so that they could regain their effort to take care of their family members. The project encouraged people in the neighbourhood to understand the needs of carers and promote a caring atmosphere within the district.

The project was held from June to August to gather means and tips of relaxation and stress relief from people in the district. Words of encouragement were also collected to support and acknowledge the effort of carers. All these were printed as leaflets and distributed to carers. There was an experiential activity on 23 October when Miss Margaret Chung, an artist was invited to share her experience. Miss Freda Cheung Yan Chi, Assistant District Officer (2) of Shamshuipo District Office and Mrs. Kwok Li Mung Yee, District Welfare Officer (Shamshuipo) Social Welfare Department were guests of honour of this event. Furthermore, eight experiential activities with different themes were organised for carers, they were aromatherapy and music, yoga, relaxation exercise, Ba Duan Jin, Zantangle, skin care DIY, slow food and handicrafts.

photo photo photo

Promoting green concept
Participate in video shooting of "The 14th Hong Kong Green School Award"

The Hong Kong Green School Award is organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), Environmental Protection Department and Education Bureau, co-organised by Hong Kong Education University, Hong Kong Productivity Council and Vocational Training Council. In order to promote environmental protection, there was video shooting of schools with outstanding achievement in promoting low carbon green school life. Our Kwun Tong Nursery School was one of the schools participated in the shooting during which teachers and students planted seeds, made dumplings out of soup leftovers and cookies out of tofu residue to put into practice a green living.

photo photo
Teacher is explaining to attentive students how to make dumplings out of soup leftovers. Students are pleased with their dumplings made of soup leftovers.

14th Hong Kong Green School Award
Pre-school Category – Outstanding award

Our Kwun Tong Nursery School (KTNS) was awarded “Outstanding Award” in Environmental Infrastructure category. Teachers together with two representatives of all classes attended the award presentation ceremony on 24 October. The award is to commend the outstanding performance of schools in greening and environmental infrastructure. The school also received $5000 as recognition.

Representatives of students and teachers of KTNS received the Environmental Infrastructure: Outstanding Award. Representatives of all classes holding the award of the Outstanding Award, see how happy they are! Photo of representatives of KTNS and Principal Hui, guest of honour of the 14th Hong Kong Green School Award

Two-year project to get rid of depression

According to World Health Organisation, there are more than 100 million people suffering from depression, but less than 25% would seek treatment. In view of this, our Un Chau Neighbourhood Elderly Centre launched a two-year project (2014-2016) "Opportunities for the Elderly Project" with the funding from Social Welfare Department. The project aimed at identifying seniors with depressive symptoms within the district. Through paying regular visits, organising workshops and outings for theseniors, we hope to help them walk out of their depressive moods.

Collaborators of the projects involved more than 10 organisations,that included youth organisations, corporate volunteers, churches and hospitals with more than 100 volunteers. Apart from joint cooperation with paramedics, social workers and corporations, there was also trans-generation cooperation through which elders and volunteers became mentors and mentees for one another to hold workshops. A senior participant expressed that she has not stepped out of Cheung Sha Wan for more than 10 years not to mention joining other activities; the project enabled her to get out of her neighbourhood and connected with different people. Her emotion has improved a lot. Not only was the Project acclaimed by service users but also awarded 2nd runner-up "District Best Project" of the "Opportunities for the Elderly Project".

Three miles jogging together

Jogging is not just suitable for young people, seniors could also jog to build up health.

Senior joggers of our Active Ageing Service(AAS) were invited by The Jade Club to join the 18 September activity to jog three miles. Due to poor weather condition, the activity was cancelled instead a carnival was held in the Martha Boss Community Centre to fulfill the wish of the seniors to jog. Despite not able to jog on the street, senior and youth volunteers jogged hand in hand together, they incorporated exercise into fun and energy. The carnival brought health, social activity, fun and inclusion altogether. Senior participants and youth volunteers formed into groups of two, they jogged with close cooperation and managed to complete the 18 laps. They received much applause and participants were full of pride.

Our seniors of AAS put a lot of effort in dressing up for the carnival and received the 2nd runner-up of HK Oldies Funniest Outfit.

Messages from senior participants (Madam Poon and Madam Wong)
It was a pity that jogging in Central was cancelled because of the rain, however, the carnival was very interesting. We had fun and enjoyed it very much. Jogging together with the youth volunteers enhanced inter-generation harmony and enabled us to put more concern on health. We looked forward to the activity next year.

The 3rd debating competition - Living conscientiously

"Are Hong Kong children happy?" "Is failure better than successful for children’s upbringing?" These were topics of the two debates this year. During the past summer vacation, children of four Happy Teens Club looked for answers through their personal experiences.

Children went through a two-day one night training camp. They experienced the hardship of empty cans collection, "it needs a lot of effort to crush a can!" said a child. They felt the unfairness of senior poverty and understood more the life of senior scavengers and, the hardship of making money.

The debate competition on 2 October witnessed the fruitful result of these two months’ learning. Debaters stood confidently on stage, learnt "to convince by reasoning and rational dialogue". They also learnt to care for what is going around and practice a conscientious living.

photo photo photo
The best personality team award Children experienced the hardship of a senior scavenger. They earned lunch with great effort Participants are boldly expressing their opinions on stage

Legco Election – promotional activities
It is not you see hope then you persist
But to persist so as to see hope

Social workers of our Happy Teens Club (HTC) and some youth felt that voter turnout rate at Legco Election has always been lower than 50%, such a passive attitude is detrimental to a progressing society and in practicing social justice. Therefore, before the Legco Election Day, we organised a mock election and mobile street booths to mobilise passers-by to exercise their civic rights.

Our North Point HTC organised a mock election on 28 August for children, youth and people in the community to learn Legco functions and voting, how to choose among the candidates and to raise their awareness on current affairs. There were 72 participants in the activity. Some of them felt that the activity raised their interest to know more and explore about Legco election when they used to be disinterested in current affairs and election. Some expressed that they could change the fate of the society by casting their vote. We hoped the activity could mobilise more concern on the society and to express their opinions as well.

photo photo photo

Roaming in camping

The Happy Teens Club organised the 2nd Social Concern camp in November with the aim to encourage youth to get to know about injustice in the society and the various government policies through personal experiences and sharing from someone who has experienced before. The theme of this year was community inclusion. Youth would be wheelchair-bound and blindfolded to experience what those visually impaired and physically impaired person would encounter in society and to reflect on some of their unfavourable habits such as looking at the mobile phone while walking which might endanger those who are physically impaired. To conclude the camp, two visually impaired persons were invited to share their life tools to broaden the horizon of the participants.

photo photo photo
Youth experienced using wheelchair and felt that, "I was very tense, it required a lot of effort. Actually many people abuse the use of elevator which deprived those who are really in such a need." Sharing by 2 visually impaired persons, youth expressed their interest. Group photo of the 2nd camp

Microfilm: A letter of joy

With the invitation from the Yuen Long Local Committee on Service for Young People, our Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team produced a microfilm "A letter of joy" to raise the awareness of triad influence on youth. We use to say “life is a movie”, movies always reflect real life. Service users participated in the film production from scratch to performance through which they re-arranged their life experiences and the film was just like a reminder to warn others not to follow the same disastrous road.

The plot was not aiming at using "punishment" to warn those who had joined the triad society, nor using the perspective of either black or white to challenge them, or even to marginalise them. One of the scenes of the "Letter of Joy" was that a youth was forgiven by his families and re-gained their support. He received a letter from his class teacher to encourage him to turn over a new page and start a happy school life.

We hope the microfilm can bring out the message that "love" is the motive to initiate changes in youth. If our youth could regain the support from their families, teachers and friends, they are just like the prodigal son and could get back to the right track.

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