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Issue 015
2016 September

Project We Care

Sponsored by Community Chest

The objective of this project is to enhance basic self-care and quality of life of seniors towards a meaningful, dignified and cherishing golden age. Through this Project, efforts of carers are recognised. Their stress are relieved through emotional support and hotline counselling.

Services include:
  1. Nursing care
  2. Occupational therapy and rehabilitation training
  3. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation training
  4. Caring and skills training
  5. Cooking, personal care, accompaniment, escort service
  6. Evaluation of home environment, rehabilitation tools and its usage
  7. Community support and resources referral
The son of Madam Zhen

Mother and maid had difficulties in communication and could not get along. Mother always complained to me and it was very stressful. One day, they quarrelled and the maid quitted, I was very agitated as getting into elderly hostel is our least intention. It was fortunate that through this Project, an experienced worker was allocated to us to look after my mother from Monday to Saturday, the worker would cook and bathe her. Mother could talk to the worker and they built up good relationship. Gradually she no longer complained to me as there was someone to understand her and I was heaved with relief. The nurse had some suggestions for mother’s long term health care. The cost of the service at $60 per hour is affordable, I hope mother could age in place, this is our wish as well.

Xia’s husband

I was in deep distress when my wife suffered from stroke twice within a couple of months which paralyzed the right side of her body,. I had no choice but to quit my job in order to look after her. But I have no clue on how to take care of her. I was always afraid that something bad might happen to her when I was not around, I had to keep a close eye on her. Even when I had to go out briefly, I would fear that I might die suddenly and no one would take care of her, so I put down the home address and a note in my wallet stating that I have a wife at home that need help.

Although we had the assistance of social service such as community nurse and meal delivery service, it is also tiring to face different persons from different organisations. I wish some kind of training could be provided to my wife so that she could gradually learn to take care of herself then I could work again. It was with the help of this Project that my wife regained some energy through three times of exercise a week. We both are very happy as we are being cared for and my burden is eased. $60 per hour could be a burden in the long run, however, for the rehabilitation of my wife, we’ll see.

Uncle Lee’s daughter

Father was in a confused state after being discharged from hospital last time, we were so worried that we took turns to look after him, however, this greatly affected our work and daily lives. With the help of this Project, worker would visit father five days a week to accompany him, walk with him, take him to yum cha, buy groceries and to change diapers. The worker is just like a family member, she is professional and my father trusts her. During this time, my father had a minor surgery, the worker would visit him to feed him and change his diapers. This kind of service is even better than a private nurse.

Project WeCare is people-centered, professional and flexible. (We once requested for service on weekends and night times, they could all fulfil our requests. The nurse showed up within 1.5 hours when typhoon signal no 8 was lowered.)

In order to realise "ageing in place", participation from stakeholders are necessary. We cordially invite you to be our part time rehabilitation instructors or ambassadors (volunteers) to pay periodic visits to seniors in need. We also welcome referrals, donations to support the users who are in need.

Enquiry: 2811 0199


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