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Issue 015
2016 September

A Thoughtful Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival symbolises re-union according to the Chinese tradition when family members or friends get together. It is a heart-warming occasion. Many corporations took the opportunity to share this thoughtfulness with the needy.

A joyous occasion with the seniors

Comba Telecom System Limited and Hong Kong Wing Ming Medical Limited visited our Shun Lee Home for the Elderly and Cheung Fat Home for the Elderly on 25 August and 10 September respectively. Volunteers chatted and played games with the seniors and presented gifts bags to the seniors. Volunteers from Comba Telecom System Limited took Polaroids with the seniors and those from Hong Kong Wing Ming Medical Limited gave out mooncakes to the seniors.

Furthermore, with the liaison of the Children Charity Foundation, seniors of the Chin Wah Day Care Centre for the Elderly received mooncakes from Man Lok Yuen Food Trading Limited.

Representatives from the Company and the Foundation visited the Centre on 1 September to present the mooncakes in person, in return, seniors presented them their water colour paintings.

Messages of love and care

Besides the corporations and organisations aforementioned, we also received donations and mooncakes to the seniors and families in need, we would like to thank the following organisations (in alphabetical order):

  • Global Education Alliance Limited
  • Merck Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Panocean Secretarial Services Limited
  • Rock Trading Co Ltd
  • Sunbright Dance Troupe Limited

Group photo of corporate volunteers Both volunteers and seniors enjoyed the activity very much Seniors presenting their water colour paintings to corporates and organisations

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