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Issue 015
2016 September

A fun filled summer vacation

Our four corporate partners held various interesting activties in July and August for children and youth to work out their energy in the summer vacation.

Handmade soap

Fifteen children from our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club were taught handmade soap by eight volunteers from Vega Technology Limited. The soap making process was full of satisfaction and happiness. Children also learnt to make the shape of octopus from soap clay. After the event, both volunteers and children carried with them the interesting experiences and cute products back home.

Baking workshop

Twelve children of Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club learnt bread making when they made bread in the shape of animated figures with the assistance of twelve volunteers of Swire Coca Cola. It was full of fun while they made bread and garnished with eyes of animal figures to make them more vivid. Children shared their bread with their family members after the activity.

A tour of hotel

Eaton Hong Kong Hotel received 22 secondary students from our SSPCHTC and KTHTC on 4 August 2016. Students were given a tour of the hotelto learn about its profession, facilities, organisational structure, management and operation. They visited the hotel lobby, gymnasium and banquet hall etc. They were given an opportunity to get to know the catering business and other career prospective of a hotel which would be beneficial for them to plan their future career.

4D movie adventure

With the support from Goodwill Management Limited, 10 of their volunteers took 20 children of our KTHTC to a 4D movie on 6 August at Langham Place. It was a brand new experience for the children. Through the sense of visual, auditory, touching and olfactory, they felt like they have become a part of the movie. Volunteers and children enjoyed the popcorns snacks while watching the movie.

Day Trip, cool!

Besides baking workshop in July, Swire Coca Cola HK Limited invited about 30 children from our Small Group Home and Kwun Tong HTC to visit the CIC Zero Carbon Building at Kowloon Bay and their bottling plant in Shatin. During the visit, children learnt about beverages bottling, environmental information, low carbon construction design and green living. Afterwards, they enjoyed a buffet lunch in a nearby hotel.

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