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Issue 015
2016 September

Support to Ethnic Elderly (SEE) Project

There are about 10,000 EM seniors aged 65 or over (Census and Statistics Department, 2011). They settled in Hong Kong half a century ago and have been contributing to the prosperity of this “Home”. Their health condition is deteriorating in their twilight year. Due to scarcity in number, the EM seniors have been neglected by the society. In view of this, our Elderly Service with the sponsorship from Community Chest has launched this 3-year project since May to enable them to get the appropriate public service and integrate into the society and continue to lead a dignify golden age.

Content of the service

  • Our social worker will reach out to places in Kowloon West where EM seniors gather, make referrals or assist them to apply for public services.
  • Ambassadors who could speak English or even EM languages are trained to link EM seniors to pass on useful information about public service.
  • Strengthen the community support among EM seniors, help them to build up their network and mutual support.
  • Provide periodic trainings on cultural sensitivity to staff of elderly service to enhance their awareness on EM senior needs.

Characteristics of the project

  • Hire a Nepalese social worker who can speak more than one EM language to bridge the communication
  • The office is located in an elderly neighbourhood centre so that our staff have more opportunities to design tailor made service.

Contact us: Please call 2777 6188 or email to see@hkcs.org for enquiry.

Our Nepalese social worker reaches to places where EM seniors gather and get to know their needs Our Nepalese social worker explains our service.



Street booths on 1 July: Happy Teens Club “Give me Back my Summer Vacation”

It has always been the concern of our Happy Teens Clubs (HTC) to advocate youth rights. The distorted learning atmosphere in Hong Kong has added extra pressure on students. On top of regular classes, students have to attend extra-curricular activities in the summer to add more credits to their personal CV! Their annual summer vacation was exploited! Therefore, this summer our HTC used the theme "Give me back my summer vacation" to promote the concept of balanced learning. Booths on the street were set up on 1 July where there were also panels, posters and stickers to stress the importance of a true summer vacation to students. We hope to awaken the concern about mental health and happy learning among our students.

Youth volunteers explained the concept of true summer vacations to participants of the demonstration. Passersby put down their personalised messages on cards to encourage students. About 15 volunteers who were students from universities, secondary and primary schools were recruited to promote balanced learning in this street booth



Outstanding short film award – start from scratch

Our North Point Happy Teens Club gathered a group of film production fans and formed the "Dream Theatre". They participated in the short film production competition organised by Centum Charitas Foundation and City100. The objective of the competition was to mobilise positive perspective about the society from students and youth, to enhance their positive energy towards building up positive values of life. The group used the theme “starting line” to produce a short film which won an outstanding award in the open category. The award presentation ceremony was held on 25 June.

Members of the Dream Theatre came from different walks of life, they hoped to gain more experience in the competition. Being post 90s, members of the group hoped that parents could widen their perspectives on the learning mode of their children. They witnessed worrisome parents who were anxious about their children’s learning path, enrolled their children to uninteresting classes hence depriving them of a cheerful childhood. Through the character of the mother in the short film, they encouraged parents to think from different perspectives to provide more choices and learning modes for their children so that they could really benefit and lead a happy childhood.

Please visit http://www.cty100.com.hk/videocompetition/for details of the stories.

Outdoor shooting by youth Representative of the "Dream Theatre" received the award, thrilled.



Dialogue between Ethnic Minorities and Candidates of LegCo (Kowloon West)

Our Ethnic Minorities (EM) service is committed to promote EMs to participate in social affairs. Our service, Integrated Services Centre for Local South Asians, held a forum on 25 July about the EMs’ livelihood issue. Six candidates of LegCo (Kowloon West) and about 40 EMs of the district attended and interacted. The EMs were very active in expressing their needs. After responding to the EMs, the candidates signed the undertaking and promised to put “Ethnic minorities friendly practice” in their manifesto.

After the event, the EMs were very happy to voice out for themselves. They also said they will encourage their communities to vote in September’s Legislative Council Elections. All candidates said they now know more about the needs of the EMs in the district.

EM girls shared the initial findings of the survey of livelihood issues and orientation of vote EM gentlemen expressed their needs on livelihood. Group photo – candidates of Kowloon West geographical constituency signed an undertaking with the participants to include EM friendly policy into their manifesto.



Joint graduation ceremony of our Nursery Schools

The 2015/16 joint graduation ceremony cum children's creative drama performance was successfully held on 3 August at the Tsuen Wan Town Hall. To the 376 graduates, it was their first graduation and a milestone in schooling. The drama “My Home - Hong Kong” was created by collective effort, it reflected the differences of Hong Kong between its present and past, and was filled with blessings and positive energy. We were grateful to have Mr. Raymond Cheng, Group General Manager & Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited to be the guest of honour to deliver an encouraging speech to the graduates and our staff.



Fly Project – Simon K Y Lee Children’s Fund

Our Pario Education Centre is going to organise “Fly Project – Simon K Y Lee Children’s Fund” again in October. Parenting courses are provided for deprived children aged 1.5 and their parents. The course aims at stimulating children’s growth through interactive games and improvement of parenting skills with the target of building solid foundation for children’s future learning while releasing parents’ stress at home. The classes will take place in Kwun Tong and Shamshuipo districts. Deadline of enrollment is mid-September. Please contact Miss To, Education Officer at 36283333.

Fruitful returns for parents and children who participated in previous activities and they received certificate and gifts at the graduation ceremony. Parents guided their children to learn counting by moving strawberries all over the places.



Marital Counselling

Every couple brings joy into their marriage, however, they are shaken by the unexpected difficulties when they have to take up multiple roles: husband/wife, father/mother, son/daughter-in-law, etc. It then easily ends up in a chase-chased interactive cycle. The one who chases fear that the need for love would end up in abandonment. The one being chased flee with fear for being unable to satisfy the other half. Their deeper emotion is not easily expressed, but complaints, grumbling, demands, explanation or avoidance were revealed. Couples are in despair and weariness but not connected. In marital counselling, counsellors help couples to communicate their deeper emotions, their desires, or traumatic experience in order to understand the responses and action of one another. Couples are guided to think how to respond appropriately.

After Ah Kei and Ah Yue got married, they lived with the mother of Ah Yue. Ah Kei felt that their marriage was not blessed by Ah Yue's mother. Deep down Ah Kei felt Ah Yue's mother was trying to split them up, and that Ah Yue would leave her. When Ah Kei mentioned the difficulties with Ah Yue's mother and her fear for unable to maintain the relationship, Ah Yue would defend his mother. That made Ah Kei felt that Ah Yue ignored her feeling as he always sided with his mother. Ah Kei needed more effort to convince how she was treated by his mother. The more Ah Yue defended for his mother, the more desperate and angry Ah Kei felt. Out of hopelessness, Ah Kei wanted separation. They are just chasing one another in this negative interactive cycle.

During counselling, Ah Kei expressed her longing for Ah Yue's recognition. Ah Yue also admitted his reluctance to talk about her difficulties for fear of losing her. At the end, they were able to turn a new page in their relationship and escaped from the vicious cycle of chasing and fleeing.



Children Charity Foundation supports students of grassroot families

Our four Happy Teens Club thanked the Children Charity Foundation for their support of stationeries to children of grassroot families. This is their third year of support and the number of students sponsored was increased to 50. Each student received $2,500 with a total amounting to $125,000. Students came from Shamshuipo, Kwun Tong and Island East. The Foundation gave a great help to the needy families by easing their financial burden.

Sponsored children presented their greeting cards to representatives of the Foundation: Miss Amanda Lee, ambassador (3rd right), Mr. Leung Kwok Hin, member of the Board of Directors (2nd right), Mr. Eddie Hui, Honourary member of the Board of Directors (1st right), Mr. Lau Kar Wing, Vice-Chairman (2nd left) and Miss Viola Tsang, Chief Officer of our ICYS (1st left). Group photo taken with the guests and students.




Our Kwun Tong Nursery School was invited by China Light and Power to participate in the production of “Power You” Kindergarten Educational Kit and attended the launching ceremony of the Educational Kit held on 9 August 2016. Students of our lower class nursery school performed dancing to promote message of energy conservation while those upper class students introduced the board game and story books to the guests and shared tips on saving energy. All guests were impressed by their knowledge of environmental protection. It is hoped that the educational kit can stimulate children’s curiosity in electricity and lead a green lifestyle.

Children of our nursery schools, Mr Poon Wai Yin Paul, Managing Director of China Light and Power (right), Ms. Chong Wai Yan Quince, Chief Corporate Development Officer (left) and Mrs. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, GBM, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration (middle) played the board game.

Group photo taken with the main character of the teaching kit, Superman "Powerkid" Group photo taken with the honourable guests and other participants after the performance by our lower class nursery school students.



Bringing multi-disciplinary achievements into international conference. Infant Stimulation and Parent Effectiveness Training Service

Mr. Wong Wan Chung, Service Supervisor of our ISP attended the 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health from 19 – 23 June held in Singapore and delivered the achievement of Happy Learning Chinese Project (Stage one). He, together with 800 other participants from social workers and scholars, explored ways to improve the quality of life within a multi-level social work approach.

The theme of Mr. Wong’s speech was “Motivating Ethnic Minority Preschoolers to Learn Chinese and Empowering Parental Role: Distinctive Interdisciplinary Effort in Hong Kong”. It was about transferring experiences in pre-school rehabilitation to cater to language learning needs and evaluation tools and its curriculum equipped with cultural sensitivity support so that EM children enjoy learning Chinese. According to findings, the Project has effectively raised the ability of the children to recognise, read and express themselves in Chinese, it raises their motives to learn Chinese and mingle into the community. At the same, the support to parents has effectively eliminated learning obstacles in their children’s learning process, parents regain their confidence in parenting and strengthen their roles.

Participants appreciated that we could apply the experience of pre-school rehabilitation service to the ethnic minorities as it could bring forth societal change through collaborated efforts from professionals of different disciplines. They shared that emigration has become a global concern and has great impact on the society. This reminds us that we have to constantly review the relationship between society and marginal groups and offer timely service to meet their needs to eliminate discrimination and promote harmony.



Light and shade of family: forum theatre and interactive art exhibition

The Light and shade of family: forum theatre and interactive art exhibition was successfully held on 3 and 4 July 2016 in the basement of our Headquarters. This activity was organised by our PS33 Tsimshatsui Centre and co-organised by our Family Networks.

The activity was divided into two parts:

Part1: Interactive exhibition

It showcased art pieces by ex-drug abusers and positive family stories, coupled with stimulating questions to revisit precious moments of their families. It was also a display of their learning experience through simple art creation.

Part2: Forum theatre

It unveiled the challenges of life of the suppressed and led the audience into the plot to let them experience the situation as the main character and explored various strategies. Eight people who had similar experience and family members of ex-drug abusers produced their stories based on their personal experiences such as quest for care and being understood, the struggle of parents when their children took drugs, and distrust between parents and children.

The exhibition and theatre attracted our fellow colleagues and service users of other units and local partners which shared their views and found the exhibition and theatre very inspiring.

Art pieces by ex-drug abusers and positive family stories of families within the district Ex-drug abusers, their family members and volunteers were very engrossed in the performance




CLAP for youth @ JC in Action

"CLAP for youth @ JC" is a life planning service for youth aged 15 – 21. It stresses the importance of learning one’s character. The target of our service is non-engaged youth who are uncertain about themselves. We use character strength as the basis for self-exploration.

The Project uses animal as entry point, to engage youth for three months by systematic life planning training, and coordinates with character strength training in positive psychology to mobilise young people to commit in life planning exploration and experiences.

Interaction with animals enable youths to express themselves and regain their ability to cooperate with others so that they could demonstrate their character strength such as focus and kindness, etc. With the assistance from social worker, youths accumulate social skills and establish their attitude, skill, knowledge, value and identity. The process enriches their ability and highly raises their motivation for future career.

The project linked up many partners who were their first time to collaborate with social service organisations. They offered experiential training such as assistance to vets, animal shelters, dog guides, pet nutritionist, hospice service for animals and pets beauticians. All these rebuilt the pace of daily lives of non-engaged youths, enable them to grasp the direction and expectation of life.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following partners for giving invaluable experience to youth, such as: Non-Profit Making Veterinary Services Society, Tender Loving Creatures, Dog Cheers, O Dog, Hong Kong Reptile Channel, Mr & Mrs Cat Café.

Ambassadors of Angel Paws taught the youth how to get along and communicate with the pets on Fun Day. Founder of O Day shared animal nutrition and related products. Youth tried homemade pet products.



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