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Issue 014
2016 July

Recruitment: Angel of Hope,
Children Volunteer and Donation Programme

This programme started in 2010. It aims at developing angels of hope, ie children with positive energy through building up a good character, correct sense of value, cultivating a caring and sharing spirit, and to be motivated, grateful and appreciative through life education and a series of activities. Furthermore, it is also expected that through parenting and volunteering, closer bonds between children and parents are built up.

Content of the programme: Small amount monthly donation, a variety of volunteering activities, free workshops.

Programme period: From October to the next September of every academic year.

Children (age 2 or above) in nursery schools or primary school are welcome to register as members.

Please call 2731 6369 for registration or enquiry.

Please go to the website: www.hkcs.org/support/child for details.

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