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Issue 014
2016 July

Zurich (HK) Global Community Week

One of our corporate partners Zurich (HK) Insurance Group echoed with their mother company's "Global Community Week"organised a series of activities. Our Corporate Affairs and Development Office colleagues and two ISSA volunteers participated in their charity food sale on 23 May. Our ISSA volunteers did Henna tattoo on the participants. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Zurich (HK) Insurance Group to donate their sale to support our service.

This activity was another means of support other than volunteer service and donation. We also encourage corporations to raise funds in their staff functions to help the needy in our community.

Furthermore, volunteers of Zurich (HK) Insurance Group visited our Wah Hong Home for the Elderly where they spent a meaningful afternoon with the residents on 27 May.

Corporate volunteers visited the elders with gifts Volunteers did Henna art on participants Photo with corporate volunteers, ISSA volunteers and our colleagues.

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