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Issue 014
2016 July

"Project We Care" an elderly community care project

With the funding from Community Chest, we are able to launch a new community care project for the elderly – Project We Care. It aims at providing professional, comprehensive and timely community care and rehabilitation service for the elderly. These are based on their homes and with an outreaching mode. Case manager will schedule visiting hours according to needs of the elderly, and in urgent cases, service can be provided on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and even at night. The service charge is $60 per hour.

Service Target: Services include:
  • Age 60 or above
  • Living in Shamshuipo or Kwun Tong
  • Medical care and rehabilitation needs of Hong Kong residents
  1. Nursing care
  2. Occupational therapy and rehabilitation training
  3. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation training
  4. Caring and skills training
  5. Cooking, personal care, accompaniment, escort service
  6. Evaluation of home environment, rehabilitation tools and its usage
  7. Community support and resources referral

Enquiry or apply for service:
Tel: 2811 0199
Email: pwc@hkcs.org
Address: G/F, Yuen Nga House, Uk Chau Estate, Shamshuipo, Kowloon



Mountaineering certificate course – Level One

Our Active Ageing Service (AAS) always advocate doing exercise on regular basis, to build up a healthy style of living. Between February and April, our AAS and Volunteer Outdoor Activities Club organised a Mountaineering certificate course – level one. The course is divided into theory and practice. The coach started with planning of the route, mountaineering skills and outdoor safety. Upon the completion of the part on theory, participants had to complete the trails at Tsuen Kam Au and Mui Tsz Lam. It was no easy task, participants had to study many materials by heart and the hiking was exhausting. However, participants rejoiced after completion of the course. What's more was that they were able to challenge themselves and strengthen their confidence out of the course.

Miss Chan (right one) had a surgery three years ago and did not have much confidence in her physical strength at first, however, upon completion she shared that, "The paths were indeed more difficult than expected. I immediately took a picture for my son after finishing hiking, he gave me a "like" that strengthen my confidence. Thanks to the encouragement of the social workers and other fellow participants, I would not have finished the wet and muddy trail alone."






CATCH – Family Support Scheme

It was found that family members of drug abusers suffered from different degrees of physical and emotional disturbance, such as lack of appetite, insomnia, panic, depressed etc. However, most of their attention focused on drug abusers rather than their family members and slowly eat up the family relationship. Furthermore, hidden drug addiction is on the increase while 70% of the cases, family members are the first to be aware of the problem and yet they lack the knowledge to identify the problem and the ability to deal with it. All these point out the need to strengthen the knowledge and support of family members in dealing with drug abusers’ problems.

With the grant from Beat Drugs Fund, our PS33 Shamshuipo Centre started this 2-year project from 1 June 2016. It mainly provides counselling and healthy activities to family members of drug abusers. We believe improved both mental and physical health of family members can bring about positive change in interaction and communication within a family and in turn strengthen drug abusers’ motivation to quit drugs. The scheme also aims at enhancing the ability of family members to handle drug problems to help low motivation and hidden drug abusers to seek for help.

The scheme offers the following service to family members of drug abusers:

  • hotline consultation
  • casework services for families, home visiting, counselling (for low motivation or hidden drug abusers families) and referral
  • medical support service and assessment
  • self enhancement workshops, mutual support platform among parents and parent peer counselling training
  • drug handling workshop

For enquiries, please call 3572 0673 for social worker on duty.



Lyric writing cum children's songs singing contest

The Education University of Hong Kong organised a lyric writing cum children's songs singing contest on 21 May 2016. The theme of the contest was: benevolence, courtesy and filial piety. For lyric writing, Our Times Nursery School (TNS) and Shek Kip Mei Nursery School (SKMNS) received Gold and Silver award respectively for the theme of courtesy while our Lei Cheng Uk Nursery School (LCUNS) received the Silver award for the theme of benevolence.

Furthermore, SKMNS and LCUNS won the Gold award under the theme of courtesy and benevolence respectively by performing the two songs in a creative way. Such encouraging results of the contest were the many efforts of our teachers in training the students their singing techniques, rhythm, cooperation, innovation and confidence.



2016 World InterRAI Conference

Our Deputy Director (Service & Development) Miss Yvonne Chak and the in-charge of our BDECC Miss Bonnie Cheung were invited by Sau Po Centre on Ageing of the University of Hong Kong to present their report at the first World InterRAI Conference from 11 – 14 April in Toronto, Canada. There were about 700 academics, social work and paramedic professionals from 39 different countries participated in the conference where they were fruitful exchange with academics and professionals.

InterRAI (International, RAI: Resident Assessment Instrument) is an internationally recognised and effective multidisciplinary need assessment tools. Our Elderly Core Business introduced this computer system in 2010 and launched in 2014 to 11 of our service units. Our staff shared the experience of using InterRAI CHA (Community Health Assessment) to assess conditions of the elders within the district. Iit included data analysis of the followings: pain, cognition, depression symptoms, its use in designing the type of service and output, its limitations and future development of the system within the field.

InterRAI enables us to have a better understanding of the effectiveness of our intervention as it is evidence-based. It is also an important element for us to strive for excellence in our service. We hope elderly service in Hong Kong can have a recognised, effective, objective assessment of data and comprehensive casework or care management system in order to reduce service gap in providing continuous service for our service users in this people-oriented service.



Study Tour of Elderly Service in Australia

Our Long Term Care Service chief supervisor Chow Lok Ming Dorothy joined the study tour held by HKCSS to know more about the elderly service in Australian elderly service.

The Australian government has been actively exploring the legislation of subvention and service delivery model of elderly service for the past 10 years, mainly to change the mode of subvention of home care service to the market or service user-oriented mode and allow more transparency in provision of information.

Market oriented elderly hostel

Elders in Hong Kong are reserved towards private homes, they would rather queue for 39 months for admission to a subvented home. However, it was different in Australia, elders do not resist going to private homes, because private homes in Australia guarantee a certain standard as they are required to comply to 44 kinds of service standards in order to continue operation and receive government subsidy.

Retirement protection

Elders who enter hostels in Australia can apply for retirement pension from the government based on their financial situation. They are free from any financial burden. If Hong Kong can use the Australian example and start planning for retirement, set up a safety net for universal retirement protection, elders can enjoy a carefree retirement life.



Networking Pak Tin – bonding community strength

Geographically, Pak Tin Estate in Shek Kip Mei is divided into upper and lower estate which separates the two estates. Furthermore, the demolition and reprovision of Pak Tin Estate in 2013 by the Housing Authority further damaged the neighbourhood among old residents.

In view of this, our Shamshuipo East Happy Teens Club (SSPHTC) together with the funding from the Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries (BMCPC) launched the Pak Tin Networking Project. Through the project, there were neighbourhood visits to elders living in solitude, while at the same time, suggestions from the residents in the neighbourhood were collected to build up a sense of belonging in the community and mutual support.

The project is approaching its final stage by August. We would like to thank the support of BMCPC and the residents of Pak Tin Estate, especially the volunteers. We hope upon the completion of the project, residents of Pak Tin Estate would continue the networking to strengthen the neighbourhood with our SSPHTC.

Volunteers training day
Visits to elders living in solitude, giving them soup and warmth
Collection of opinions and consultation from Pak Tin neighbourhood



Youth citizen participate in community:
visit the community and listen to their stories

How often would you slow down and listen to the stories of those around you or care about the community in the hustle and bustle daily life to understand their needs?

Our Shamshuipo East and Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club collaborated with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to organise a Youth Civic Participation Scheme. This scheme employed the community listening theory and one to one communication skills from "London Citizens" of the UK. Through training of youth to listen to stories of people within the community, to discover their personal interests and their concerns in the community and unite different bodies/persons to improve problems of the community ultimately. Not only can the process bring about changes, it builds up a sense of belonging and better understanding of the community.

One of the activities was to conduct community listening with visually impaired persons and women organisations. One of the participants said, "Community listening enables me to better grasp one to one communication skills, to stimulate my thoughts, I am also more aware of the bond with the community." It is hoped that more youth could rediscover their relationship with the community by being more involved in the community.

Training youth participants
Upon completion of "Community listening" with In-charge of Shek Kip Mei Lutheran Centre for the Blind
Sharing after conducting one to one communication with members of Christian Ministry to Visually Impaired Persons



Caring School Award Scheme 2015

This year is the 11th year of the Caring School Award Scheme, together with Hong Kong Association of Career Masters and Guidance Masters (HKACMGM) and Education Bureau, we continue to promote an atmosphere of care and love in schools. The themes of 2015 were to promote life education, life planning and harmony. The sharing session cum award presentation ceremony was held on 7 May at the EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre. Apart from acknowledging the efforts of teachers and students, the ceremony was also a platform for sharing school life and experiences.

Honourary Advisor, Hong Kong Association of Career Masters and Guidance Masters and CLAP for Youth @ JC Principal Investigator (School) Dr Ho Yuk Fun delivered the keynote speech. Six award winning schools shared their experiences and had insightful exchange among one another.

Below were the thematic awards of the scheme:

Outstanding Caring School for Promoting life education award:
- Man Kiu College
- North Point Methodist Primary School
Outstanding Caring School for Promoting life planning award:
- Carmel Secondary School
- SKH Li Ping Secondary School
Outstanding Caring School for Promoting Harmony:
- HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.3 Secondary School
- SRBCEPSA Ho Sau Ki School



New book sharing session “Back from the World”

We dedicate to advocate our missions, instill hope, advocate for justice and promote harmony through different means. Earlier, seven of our social work colleagues compiled their exclusive travel experiences and published the book “Back from the World”. A sharing session was held on 29 May in The Commercial Press at their Tsimshatui Book Centre.

The theme of the sharing was about the discovery of values by backpackers, two of the writers Alexander Lee and Chan Kalok shared multiple levels of travelling experiences and linked them up with real life experiences in Hong Kong to demonstrate the value of social work and their experiences,. Five travelling stories were shared:

  • Hugging Muslim (Iran) – de-labelling and inclusion
  • A taste of Nepal – enlightened by poverty
  • After the Brazil Football Frenzy: white elephant or democracy?
  • The Balkans conflict, after the internal war, what's next?
  • Tibetan Spin – predefined "problem".

Themes of the book reflect our mission which is also the purpose of publishing the book.

You are welcome to visit our website http://www.hkcs.org/book/13622-0.html to browse an introduction of the book or place an order. The book is available at book stores or you may buy at 6/F, 33 Granville Road, Tsimshatsui.



Fight for universal retirement protection

Representatives from HKCS, members of Elderly Council, our service users and colleagues from different disciplines gathered on 19 June in the "Fight for universal retirement protection". Despite the summer heat, every participant was able to march to the destination. This perseverance is exactly the essence of this movement.

We formed the league for universal retirement protection together with seven other social service organisations. There were over 200 street booth activities with other partnership organisations from April to June, and more than 15,000 opinions from the public were received. The League decided to hand in their appeals in person to the Chief Executive Office on 21 June which was the last day of consultation period. We hope the government could take public opinions seriously and implement a universal retirement protection scheme.




Thanks to our 4.16 flag day volunteers

The flag selling on 4.16 concluded successfully. We are indeed grateful to the support of about 70 schools, 20 corporations and individual volunteers. The result of the most active in mobilising volunteers awards are as follows:

Kindergarten: Creative Kindergarten & Day Nursery
Primary School: Li Sing Primary School
Secondary School: Stewards Pooi Kei College
Corporates: The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong

We would like to extend our thanks to all our partners and volunteers once again and hope we could continue to join hands to help the needy in our society.



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