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Issue 014
2016 July

2016 Legco Election
Youth civic participation by standing in silence

With the influx of information from internet and other social networking sites, users (especially the younger generation) are easily accessible to current affairs and their related reports just by flipping the mobile phone, there are endless pop ups of PS (Photoshop), derivative works and forum spammers .

It is undeniable that such a convenient and creative presentation can attract a lot of attention, on the bright side it indeed encourages young people to be more concern about the society, however, this fast food culture has already invaded the younger generation and many people think they can get the whole picture just by reading the caption, and some even take side blindly (2) or wage verbal attacks. These are, however, emotional outbursts on the society instead of responsible civic participation.

"Cognition and civic awakening" are fundamentals of civic participation. "Participation" in itself is the result of an action or a matter of choice, some perhaps may choose PRNN (Peace, Rational, Non-violence, non-profanity) gathering (3), some might perhaps advocate violent acts by the "valiant localism camps". After all, the key elements are qualities, motives or/and rationales of participants.

Our Happy Teens Clubs (HTC) have been actively promoting youth civic participation. There were youth community experience, children debate activities to encourage young people to explore their community through personal experiences, to build up their stance through critical and rational thinking and then to exercise their civic rights and duties. As the Legco election is drawing near, our HTC are inviting youth from different districts to participate as civilians by registering as voters, and to learn the legco system so that they know the importance of voting rights. We shall have standing in silence movement in Mongkok and post-secondary institutes before the election day. This movement symbolises the helplessness in youth who have not yet reached the age eligible for voting while they do have their call and standpoint. We encourage different sector of the community (especially youth voters) to be more concern about youth-related policies, these are not the responsibilities of the youth only.

We believe voting is a form of civic participation …

If you have a vote, do exercise your civilian right on 4 September by voting, while our youth would stand in silence outside the polling station.

Youth role played Legco counselors to expose the unfair system. Youth designed different activities for the Lego election.

(1) Captionist: those who use exaggerated, provocative captions, or just garble a statement to attract viewers.
(2) Take side: to take the side of one party's stance
(3) PRNN (Peace, Rational, Non-violence, non-profanity)

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