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Issue 013
2016 May

Introduce a new book "Back from the World"

Seven colleagues who loved to travel wrote up the book "Back from the World". They have visited Venezuela, Morocco, Cuba, Albania, Mexico, Nepal, India, Australia, Iran and Taiwan. It was a travel book written in a relaxed way with a touch of light-heartedness. It contains travel tips on transport, language, culture and accommodation.

These seven social workers shared the experiences with different perspectives: Travelling in the second poorest country in Europe, Albania, the writer witness a make-over by art and human touch to bring hope to the country. Despite scarce resources, the people there are always wearing a smile on their faces expressing genuine happiness.

Nepal, though a simple country, maybe because of poverty people have/played all kinds of tricks for money. A villager invited our writer to their farm and charged for this visit which later found out that the farm is actually a national park of which visit is free.

Our mission is instill hope, advocate justice and promote harmony, this book is the fruit of our colleagues by putting our mission into practice.

The book is on sale at bookstore or you may go to 6/F of our head office to buy it at $80.

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