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Issue 013
2016 May

Perplexing employees!
Positive workplace boosts performance and enthusiasm

A press conference was held on 1 May, the Labour Day by our Employee Development Service/ Four Dimensions Consulting Limited to announce the findings of most common nature of problem of their 3000 cases during the period from April 2015 to March 2016. The most common category among these cases was workplace disturbance (28.1% of the total cases to request for assistance), among them it includes "supervisor-supervisee relationship" "team relationship" "job change" etc, whereas "family/parenting/marital problem" ranked the second (19%); "emotional/mental health issue" (17.4%), "work life information" (16%) and "interpersonal relationship" (5%) ranked the third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Furthermore, we also announced the findings of the most needed assistance at managerial level during the same period on participating corporations seeking for management consultation. "Management of employees' emotional and mental health" (24.3%) was the most needed, "handling employees issues" (13.8%) came second, "crisis/critical incidents" (12.5%), "handling employees attempting to commit suicide/ employees commit suicide/attempting to hurt other people" (8.5%) and "understanding community resources" (7.2%).

The statistics on service demand reflects that employees are constantly frustrated by the problems encountered in workplace especially on relationship with the supervisor and colleagues and job change. On the other hand, managerial staff is often helpless when they face staff with emotional and mental health issues and other staff handling problems, they would then turn to professionals for assistance.

Working families play an important role, our cases revealed that apart from work, they face family/parenting/marital, emotional/mental health issues. All these affect their performance at work and undermine productivity.

Employers should provide a positive workplace for their employees to raise their psychological conditions and positive energy. Strategies of promoting positive workplace include promoting positive measures such as providing Employee Assistance programme, family friendly measures, enabling employees to maintain work-life balance and other crisis management measures.

Our Employee Assistance Programme offers the following services, such as:

  • Personal consultation and Counselling service
  • Work life information
  • Work life guidance
  • Promotion of healthy life style activities
  • Employee Development and training activities
  • Crisis Incident Support Service

Please visit our website for details of our service: http://www.hkcs.org/service/eds.html


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