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Issue 013
2016 May

The first non-Chinese taxi driver
Breaks new ground for Ethnic Minorities in job market

Taxi drivers' training for Ethnic Minorities(EMs) programme was coordinated by our EM Service,. Iit was sponsored by various organisations in the taxi industry: Sun Hing Taxi Radio Association, Taxixchange, Lai Sun Motors Company Limited and Fanling Motors Company Limited. As taxi driver training materials are in Chinese and classes are conducted in Cantonese, these deter EMs to undertake the courses. With the help of Sun Hing Taxi Radio Association to connect with Hon Frankie YICK Chi-ming, JP, Hong Kong School of Motoring is offering English training materials for EMs attendants in the taxi drivers' courses.

The first Ethnic Minority taxi driver is Shehzad Mamood Khan, a Pakistani, who speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Urdu. Getting to know taxi driver's license is lifelong, he took the challenge even he has stable income as construction worker. He takes it as a backup plan when his physical ability cannot cope with his work when he ages.

Gurus in the taxi industry and instructors of Motor schools agreed that the exam was very difficult even for local candidates, it was not unusual for local candidates to try 2 to 3 three times to get a pass. Khan said that he worked as hard as preparing exam for a PhD, he put extra effort after failing the first attempt and passed in the second attempt/time.

If the government, employers and the mainstream market are willing to open up for EMs like that of the taxi industry, coupled with the necessary assistance in language, EMs could have more choices and opportunities in their careers.

(First left) Mr. Chan Ming of Sun Hing Motors Company Limited, (2nd right) Hon Frankie YICK Chi-ming, JP, member with Khan and Miss Wayne Wu, Acting Chief Supervisor of our EM Service. Mr. Chan Ming presented to Khan very thoughtful souvenirs which were taxi models of different districts which symbolises that Khan could drive all these taxis. Khan, high spirited, in the driver seat



"Hugging our differences" project on Racial Harmony
Award presentation ceremony

Our MES organised a campaign to encourage inspiration ideas from students to write proposals on promoting racial harmony. The competition was completed and an award presentation ceremony was held on 19 March 2016.

49 proposals from 19 schools were received. We were grateful to have Dr. York Chow, former Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission and Mr. Suen Lai Sang, our Director as guests of honour in the award presentation ceremony. Students from Cognito College (HK), CCC Ming Kei College and Holy Trinity College were winners of the top three prizes respectively.

Heads of religious groups of Ethnic Minorities and guides of our MES attended the ceremony. Their efforts in promoting racial harmony were recognised.

Concerted effort from people are called for to promote racial harmony, it is hoped that the rationale of this competition could continue to build up a harmonious Hong Kong!



An Assembly of Faith backing up young dream seekers

There was the Mongkok riot on the first day of the lunar new year, it seems the Hong Kong society are asking what our younger generation want and why are they showing their dissatisfaction in different forms of resistance towards the social formation and value!?

Being a long standing companion for our youth, our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club held this Assembly of Faith on 1 May 2016 at Kwun Tong Promenade where there was an exchange platform for youth to voice themselves in forms of music and art. On the other hand, we invited prominent figures to the youth lecture to echo with our theme, "dreaming". Guests like Mr. Joseph Tse Chi Fung, a media worker, new movie Directors Mr. Kwok Zung and Mr. Wong Fei Pang, Mr. Adrian Chow, "longhair" of popular music and Miss Ellen Joyce Loo, a famous singer were invited. There were free exchange of dialogue to stimulate our youth to think analytically how to get out of the embarrass situation of hopelessness in our community.

One of the unique features was art and crafts stalls. These stalls were manned by nine youth dream seekers who were also experts in hand made arts and crafts and some were post 80s who all possess certain perseverance to life and their belief, and their concern to interaction/interact between people and nature and among people.

Music has always been a channel to transmit faith and belief, we specially invited busking artists such as JL, Smilo, EDIT, Gimme 5 and Save AS Band to deliver different sense of value of life through their music.



Opening ceremony of children’s creative art exhibition:
A Fantasia of Colours

It has always been our objective that art education should start with childhood to unleash the boundless imagination potential of children. For many years, our nursery schools have been collaborating with Osage Art Foundation Fund to provide opportunities for our children to exchange with artists in order to widen their perspectives. Furthermore, an art exhibition is arranged for our nine nursery schools annually.

A joint school art exhibition was held from 22 – 24 April in Art Gallery of Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) where 377 children aged 4 to 6 created 227 pieces of 2-dimensional and 36 pieces of 3-dimensional exhibits. These colourful exhibits revealed inner self of the children and bring different meanings to the world.

All exhibits were printed as an album for sale at $120. All sales will be put into the Children Art Development Fund to sustain the development of art education for children.



Short film production project on youth development

A short film production project on youth development was organised in association with Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Centum Charitas Foundation and Centum Youth. All integrated centres for youth service were invited to participate. One of the members of our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club, Ali, an ethnic minority became the hero of a short film, together with other two young participants, they beat a total of 40 participants. Their stories were produced into micro films to make known to the public. It was also hoped to achieve more inclusion within the society.

The premiere was held on 9 April at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Guests of the premiere were: Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Miss Carol Yip, Director of Social Welfare, Mr. Raymond Lee Man Chun, BBS, JP and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Council of Social Service Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Project Mr. Or Ka Yeung and Mr. Kwok Yat Ming Chief Executive of Centum Youth and main characters of the short films, their family members, friends and representative of youth service of social service organisations. There were over 300 participants. The atmosphere was encouraging.

If you would like to know more about Ali's story, please visit the website : (http://www.cty100.com.hk)

Family members of Ali attended the premiere. Apart from letting more people to know the development and experience of our youth, it was also hoped that positive energy could be spread by these micro films.



Hospice service in hostel End-of-life Caring Service

If you have only a week left in your life, where would you like to spend the final days? Hospital? Home?

With the support of Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and Hong Kong Association of Gerontology (HKAG), our Shun Lee Home for the Elderly started the "Hospice Service in Hostel" in January 2016. The objective of the service is to develop a comprehensive end-of-life caring model in hostels, so that the elders can choose to stay in hospital or hostel to spend the final days in a dignified way.

Details of the service:

  • A 6-month training for all staff to equip them with knowledge and skills on physical and emotional needs of terminally ill patients and followed by practicum on a regular basis.
  • Setting up hospice rooms and furnished with the necessary medical equipment for terminally ill patients who would be taken care by nurses. Their family members can stay in these rooms with them.
  • Nurses and doctors would explain to elders and their family members about the service, as well as advanced directives and advanced care planning.

Through this service, we hope patients with terminal illnesses could live their remaining days in a dignified way and at the same time reducing the pressure of their carers of visiting them in hospitals, so as to achieve the goal of living a full and positive life.

Training activities for staff of different levels. Dr Leung Man Fuk of HKAG introduced the service to residents and their family members. Shooting of the participants by NOW TV "Medicine Online".



Talk on negotiation skills on crisis at school

Consecutive cases of students' suicide were saddening and heartbreaking. We believe all students deserve unconditional love and comprehensive care and concern. Since 2007, our School Social Work service has been collaborating with the police department to organise training to teachers on crisis at school. On 2 March and 30 April, we collaborated with Police Negotiation Cadre of Hong Kong Police and the scholars of Hong Kong University to organise a joint-school talk on crisis at school. Over 300 education workers attended both talks. Negotiation skills, plans for school police collaboration before and after crisis were shared. We hoped to minimise these tragedies through strengthening schools on prevention and resilience abilities.

Talk on negotiation skills on crisis at school Mr. Bill Lo, Chief Service Supervisor of our School Social Work Service was one of the speakers Over 300 education workers participated



Central Nursery School won the Award of Arts Education

In order to promote a holistic development in children spiritually, morally and artistically, our Central Nursery School organised a project to integrate life education with arts education to enable the children to learn to respect and appreciate life, through different mediums of art to express how they were touched and how they felt towards themselves, other people, society and nature. It widened their perspectives towards the beauty of the world and nurtured a positive sense of value to a holistic development.

The project won the Award for Arts Education (School division) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The award presentation ceremony was held on 21 April at Television City at Tseung Kwan O.

Dr Kam Shau Wan, Sanly (2nd left), Mrs Chan Kong Siu Wai(middle), Miss Dung Yuk Ha, Principal of Central Nursery School (2nd right) and Miss Law Fung Sim, teacher (1st right) received the Award for Arts Education (School Division) 2015 of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Our nominators: Miss Chan Tung Mui, an artist with disability (2nd right), Mr. Kevin Cheng, a photographer with disability (middle) and Miss Lam Xuena color painting artist (1st left). We were so honoured by their presence at the ceremony. Every staff of Central Nursery School attended the 2015 Hong Kong Arts Development Award Presentation Ceremony witnessing the recognition to the school. We all shared this happiness.



Retirement Protection for all (Teens Version)

Ever since the government consultation on retirement protection has launched last December, our North Point Happy Teens Club started to promote concern in the community through posters and set up booths on the street to advocate and educate the residents. Responses were very encouraging: people came forth and expressed that retirement protection was too important and that we should continue to engage more people in discussion and participation. Shops in the neighbourhood were willing to let us put up the posters. Two sharing sessions were held on 31 January and 19 March 2016 for parents and youths. Prof. Raees Begum Baig from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Mr. Wong Wo Ping of Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Mr. Hung and Mr. Lam Bun who represented Youth Support Universal Pension attended. There were fruitful exchanges and active participation during the sharing sessions, even those who were unfamiliar with the issue before raised their opinions. We believe retirement protection is the people's right, a real consultation is not possible without detailed information and thorough discussion.

Mr. Wong Wo Ping of Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Prof. Raees Begum Baig (CUHK) were invited to explain the retirement protection in details during the sharing session. Sharing sessions specially held for our youth service users A booth on the street at North Point ferry pier.



Voluntary experiences – Guangxi Exchange 2016

An exchange trip to Guangxi was successfully organised by our Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club from 25–30 March. This trip was sponsored by the Youth Commission. Twenty-two youth volunteers led by our social workers ventured in a village in Guangxi to experience the life in a farming village. The theme of the trip was "gratefulness". It was hoped that seeds of gratefulness and blissful were sown in the youth volunteers which in turn to spread to the children in the village to help them to become self-reliance. We organised a night gathering to thank the families in the village and the schools who received us. Children of the village and our volunteers jointly prepared for the talent show to showcase the potential and dreams of their children.

It is hoped that our volunteers could actively participate in this intensive experimental process and through this exchange, we witnessed their growth and transformation in the trip which we believed could bring forth more far reaching and sustaining positive effect.

School teachers and other staff who received us. Youth volunteers experiencing farming. Activities hosted by our youth volunteers.



No homework day – let students enjoy happy self-directive learning

John Lennon, who was a member of Beatles had said, "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted". Are students wasting their time on homework free days?

From February to April, our Shamshuipo East Happy Teens Club invited two primary schools in the districts to trial run "No Homework Day" in order to deliver the meaning of self-directive learning and time management among students and teachers.

Apart from no assignment on a "No homework day", our social workers organised lively workshops such as games for student to learn time management, positive motivation and planning. Students could arrange how they spent their leisure time on activities with their parents and families or some outdoor exercises. It is hoped that through these activities, students could re-capture the fun of learning.

As revealed from the questionnaires after the activity, responses on "no homework day" were positive and its effect was recognised, both students and parents looked forward to a second time. Of course, just one or two "no homework day" cannot release the burden of students under a distorted education system, however, we hope the seeds of no homework day were sown and spread to other schools as well so that the meaning and value of learning are revived.



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