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Issue 012
2016 March

Bridge – Integrated Education Project
Pilot Scheme on On-site pre school rehabilitation service
has officially been launched

The government in its Policy Address announced to use Lotteries Fund to provide a 2-year experimental project in 2015/16 to provide on–site pre school rehabilitation services to children with special needs.

The scale and scope of this service were unprecedented. There are participations from 16 social organisations to provide 450 kindergarten and kindergarten cum child care centres. About half of the children on the waiting list could receive this service.

Our two teams have begun its operations on 1 December 2015, the name of the project was "Bridge – Integrated Education Project". We served 29 kindergartens and kindergarten cum child care centres all around Hong Kong in which the 200 children on the waiting list are served.

With our over 30 years of experience on infant stimulation and expertise of our multi disciplinary professional teams, our service supplements with the treatment and training of our seven early education and training centers.

Service targets

Children who are studying in the kindergartens and kindergartens cum child care centres which participate in this scheme, and are on the waiting list of pre-school service of Social Welfare Department (ie, early education and training centres, kindergartens and kindergartens cum child care centres); and teachers/child care workers/parents/care takers of these children.

Service contents

This is a two year experimental project. Our professional team consists of: education psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, special child care workers and social workers. Our services include:

    For children with special needs:
  • On-site service to individual or school or group trainings and
  • Supplemented with rehabilitation training in centres.
    For teachers/child care workers:
  • On-site service to schools to provide consultation, demonstration, talks, workshops and seminars.
    For parents/ care takers:
  • Talks/workshops/seminars.

With the support from our Service Development Fund, we provide psychological assessment service subsidy scheme for children with potential special needs from deprived families so that they could receive early assessment to identify suitable rehabilitation service. For enquiries, please call 5304 5583 (team one) and 5980 9119 (team two).



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