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Issue 012
2016 March

Happy Learning Chinese Together - Volunteers from
Zurich Insurance Group went to the Lunar New Year Fair with EM children

Apart from doing household cleaning on Spring Clean Day, going to the Lunar New Year Fair was another good idea. On that sunny day, volunteers from Zurich Insurance Group (Hong Kong) went to the Lunar New Year Fair at Chui Ping Road, Kwun Tong with Ethnic Minority children, to let them feel the festive mood and learn Chinese at the same time.

Children were delighted, they said “dai gat” when they saw citrus fruit trees, they thought the narcissus bulbs were some kind of vegetables. They also learnt to differentiate different colours of flowers. Some parents expressed that they have never been to Lunar New Year Fair though they have stayed here for four years. They bought some windmills from the Fair for home decoration. After filling in worksheets with the assistance of the volunteers, the Happy Learning Chinese activity was completed and then everyone started off to celebrate the Chinese New Year happily!

A fruitful trip at the Lunar New Year Fair They just learnt "ng doi tung tong" Volunteers assisting EM children to fill in the worksheet

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