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Issue 012
2016 March

CLAP for Youth @ JC (Kowloon West) Reveals youth potentials

Since its inception in September last year, CLAP has been providing one-stop life planning service for youth aged 15-21 in Kowloon west in full swing. The service ignites their potential, widens their perspectives and facilitates them with new skills and identity through our connection with different partners who build up various platforms for them.

The first key event of this year was the opening of the centre cum the exhibition of future workplace. Service users participated in the organising process, learnt the necessary skills and took up different roles. Guests were deeply impressed by their remarkable performance. We thanked Miss Winnie Ying, Executive Manager(Charities) of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Miss Yvonne Chak and Miss Chan Pui Yi, our Deputy Directors, other partners, colleagues, former service users, parents and volunteers for supporting this event. The event was held successfully where young people enthusiastically interacted with our guests.

The intervention of life planning is based on building relationships, therefore the centre tries very hard to create a home feeling for the service users. Designs and decorations of the centre are targeted at the tastes and preferences of young people. Our guests appreciated this theme of home feeling of the centre. Service users painted the walls, put up stickers, design the door plate, decorate the flower beds, draw the fresco etc are all client-centered. There is no sophisticated design in the centre yet it is filled with positive energy and thoughtfulness. The whole-hearted participation of service users made the activity memorable.

Enhancement of positive energy unfolds youth power

Service users unleashed their potentials by taking up roles of ambassadors of various activities in the event: dessert ambassador made fruit tarts, coffee ambassador brewed Italian cappuccino. Our garden ambassador was responsible for making hand-made souvenirs for our guests. All these demonstrated the importance of pursuing diversified interests. The opening ceremony was blessed with good wishes from our guests who planted the seeds in the flowerbeds to symbolise hope. The flowerbeds would be put in different places inside the centre to symbolise positive energy emitted from youth after nurturing.

Partnership inspires creativity Innovation discovers career tools

Opportunities from our partners are needed for our service users in life planning, as life affects life. We invited representatives from JOS and Cat Store to share their experiences and encouraged our service users to try out different things. The finale “future workplace exhibition” was designed by students of Design School of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The 12 mobile workstations were the youths’ prediction on the working trend of the next decade. They demonstrated how they valued flexibility and mobility in work which were also exploring career tools for our service users. The team used the exhibits to stimulate motivation of work for a more complete self-exploration in life planning process.

Our team will continue partnership with different sectors within the 5-year project. We sincerely invite you to join us, please call 3580 0110 for details.

Guests and service users came together for a group photo with the theme "clapping" to ignite positive energy among youth. Symbolises positive energy grown from seeds sown by guests in the flowerbeds which symbolise hope. Future workplace exhibition by the students of Design School of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a vision of future career of the next decade, making use of a mobile workplace as a tool to explore future career aspiration for youth.



Together with 1823 and LIFA
CHEER helps EMs get information of the society

Our local enquiry hotlines in general only provide three language choices: Cantonese, English and Putonghua, these hinder Ems to obtain essential information on public service due to language barrier. In order to break this barrier, our CHEER collaborated with Hotline 1823 and Low-income Working Family Allowance (LIFA) in January and February 2016 respectively to offer other choices of languages and directly transfer them to our CHEER TELIS system where seven other EM languages (Urdu, Nepali, Punjabi, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and Tagalog) are provided so that they could get the information they required. To ensure smooth communication prior to delivery of this service, the parties concerned have in depth discussion with CHEER’s interpreters and invited CHEER to offer training to their frontline staff about their unique cultural characteristics/sensitivity and some principles about effective communication.



Happy Chinese Learning project II encourage parent-child learning together
Raise language ability of non-Chinese speaking children

With the continue support from the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), we continued our Happy Learning Chinese Project II last September to provide after school progressive Chinese learning courses for 80 Non-Chinese speaking children in Yau Tsim Mong, Shamshuipo and Kwun Tong districts, to raise their ability and confidence in the use of Chinese Language. Furthermore, our project encourages participation and support from their parents who do not know Chinese nor English to involve in their children's learning process. The extended learning materials and children's handbooks were written in various translated languages and introduced the using of ipens to facilitate the parents to understand the contents. Our colleagues are working on the translation and audio conversion of the parents' handbook, story books, children songs etc. There are also talks and trainings for parents to equip themselves to help their children to learn Chinese at home.

Non-Chinese speaking parents learning Chinese Non-Chinese speaking parents and their children learnt Chinese in the Lunar New Year Fair.



Youth exhibition – Loving is possible

Our Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club held a Youth Exhibition – Loving is possible on 24 January 2015 at the Academic Building of the City University of Hong Kong. The exhibition was sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and Commission on Youth. It was hoped that through the sustainability of developing their talents to resist the temptation of drugs. Even though the exhibition was held on a freezing day, the performances warmed the hearts of everyone through dancing, singing and magic performance. Some of the performers were our outreaching service users. It is hoped that their resistance to the temptation of drugs could be strengthened by developing their potential further. This exhibition proved that everything is possible when you work hard on it.

Group photo Group performance: Sky-land-sea Trio Dance performance by V Girls



Fly me to the sky: mutual recognition among grassroot families

"One of my strengths is painting" a primary 4 boy said firmly after the activity. His mother added that, "I have never thought that my son's painting would ever get any kinds of recognition, I am thankful for him for taking me to this trip."

Our Shamshuipo Central Happy Teens Club together with 33 grassroot families joined the drawing competition held jointly by Cathay Pacific Airways and Hong Kong Council of Social Service. At the final, 55 people from 19 families won the competition and they were invited to a flight above Hong Kong and South China Sea. Some students were invited to play the role of ground staff to help passengers boarding. Participants learnt mutual appreciation in this activity.

Participants enjoyed a 90-mins flight with their family members. Participants expressed their gratitude through drawing.



Life festival – embrace positive experiences, hope and connection

Drug abusers often give us a negative impression of problematic losers, even they themselves felt the same. Therefore counsellors would begin from exploring or solving their problems. However, Life festival uses another approach, in its beginning stage, social workers were able to lead them to recall past positive experiences through songs they love in order to re-explore themselves and rebuild hope. In the second stage, there will be a large scale concert when drug rehabilitants picked their favorite songs and shared their experiences to induce we-feeling and heartfelt responses from audiences and their friends. Their relationships with their friends became better and were more connected.

The 4th Life Festival concluded on 17 January 2015. With the support from Hong Kong Baptist University and Neway Karaoke, the festival was able to hold its fourth time. The commitment of our staff of PS33, Lodge of Rising Sun and Yuen Long Youth Outreach Team also contributed to the success of the event. Last but not least, we were grateful for singer Kandy who sang dedicatedly for the past two times for drug rehabilitants, giving them positive energy.

Drug rehabilitants were singing songs that give encouraging messages Kandy was singing whole-heartedly to encourage the drug rehabilitants



New way of life by positive stories


In 2015 our Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun, PS33 and Neway Karaoke Box Limited organised a New Adventure Concert – a contest to let the public get to know and accept rehabilitated ex-drug abusers. To carry on the well received response of the 2015 concert, we were able to organise the contest again in 2016. The theme will be the new way of life by songs based on stories that carried positive meaning. Rehabilitated ex-drug abusers would choose a song that brought positive meaning to them (some forgotten positive past experiences). Participants would compose new lyrics to the songs in response to stories of rehabilitated ex-drug abusers. It was hoped that stories from participants with positive messages could strengthen and motivate the rehabilitated ex-drug abusers to think positively.

Details please visit: www.facebook.com/thenewayoflife

Deadline: on or before 9 May 2016 (For postal submissions, date of the stamp chop will be used as the submission date)



Fashion without generation gap

Between September 2015 and January 2016, our Fortune Neighbourhood Elderly Centre held a cat walk show on clothes made from balloon as an intervention point to connect elder members, young children and youth within the community, to share fashion style of different times, to create trans-generational harmony. The activity received great echo in the community and they were invited by the Social Welfare Department to showcase in the gala of the Shamshuipo Well being Movement on 16 January in Dragon Center where there were over 200 guests and audiences, it was overwhelmed with applauses.

Harmony in community regardless of age, gender, intelligence. Promoting positive psychology – gala by FNEC



Reunion dinner for elders

Five of our Elderly Core Business service units in Kwun Tong district held a reunion dinner for 460 elders and their family members. The activity was sponsored by various artists such as Mr. Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Mr. Louis Koo, Miss Teresa Mak and others artists. Everyone enjoyed the activity very much.

The activity kicked off with the beautiful and elegant Chinese Classic Dance by ARC, followed with performance of drums by residents of our Shun Lee Hostel and teachers and students of Society of Boys' Centres Shing Tak Centre School. The drum performers with the age over 87 were energetic and youthful. Master So Pak Tong, aged 90, led the Ho Fu Neighbourhood Centre for Senior Citizens of Sik Sik Yuen to perform lion dance, and they invited Madam Leung Shuk Fong who is the most senior participant(102 years old) to eye-dotting ceremony. Volunteers of our “Big Bang” led all participants to experience chair dancing. The event was filled with enjoyment and happiness while the dinner was sumptuous.

An 87 resident played the drum Elders danced gracefully A Toast
Rev So Shing Yit, Chairman of our Management Committee (4th right), Mr. Suen Lai Sang, Director (1st right), Miss Yvonne Chak, Deputy Director (Service and Development ) (1st left) together with Gilford LAW, JP, District Officer (Kwun Tong) (3rd right), Miss Yip Siu Ming, District Welfare Officer (Kwun Tong) (5th left) and Mr. Eddie Cheung Siu Fai (4th, left) proposing a toast.



Project on 'Talk about pension'

We together with six other social welfare organisations (Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Community Development Service of HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre, HKEC Yan Lam Community Service Centre, Patients’ Mutual Help Development of Community Rehabilitation Network of Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, Community Support Services of St James Settlement, and Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong), formed the "League of retirement protection". On 14 February, we gathered in the pedestrian area in Mongkok to promote the importance and rationale for a retirement protection for all to the community and to provide accurate and comprehensive information about the scheme.

The League believed that the scheme is basic life protection for retirees. It is basic human rights and should not take it as some assistance to the deprived. However, our government deliberately presented it as a measure to tackle poverty which is contrary to the rationale of the scheme. The government broke down several proposals into pieces and compiled them to become two opposing proposals: a universal scheme or means-tested scheme. It could easily lead to conflicts in the society and revealing that the government has a biased position which hinder the public to get the whole picture. The League asked for a true consultation in which people should have comprehensive information on various funding modes about the universal retirement protection scheme.

Inaugural ceremony by representatives of the participating organisations and service users. Ethnic group are very concerned about the retirement protection public engagement exercise. Group photo of the staff of the 7 participating organisations after the activity.



Pain treatment subsidy scheme for elderly


With the support from Kam Dao Printing Company Limited, China Minsheng Bank and other donors, our Elderly Core Business received $44,500 for the captioned scheme. The scheme was to help elders who are suffering from pain but have not yet received professional screening for medical treatment. Under the scheme, they are able to receive earlier treatment to improve their life qualities. With the subsidy, elders would pay $120 (health care voucher applicable) where the scheme will foot the bill.

Madam Lam, aged 81, has always been active in volunteering and centre’s activities, however, since she suffered pain in her lower back and legs, she has difficulties in standing up. She could only manage to walk a few steps at home and she has to use wheelchair when going outdoor. After receiving treatment for three times under this scheme, her pain was much relieved. She now could walk freely at home and could do simple housework like cleaning and laundry. Furthermore, she could go to the park downstairs with the support of wheelchair and became less dependent on others. She is very optimistic about the future.

After treatment, Madam Lam is very happy that she could walk with the support of wheelchair.



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