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Issue 011
2016 January

Pressing need for Universal Retirement Protection

In Hong Kong, the population of those aged over 65 will rise from 15% in 2014 to 36% in 2064, and the number will rise from 1.07 million to 2.58 million. It is necessary to review the sustainability of the present system to cater to such a change in the population structure to ensure the welfare of every generation including the elders and every age group. The local organisations have always been trying to alert the SAR government all these tens of years, and put forward various proposals so that the society can be well prepared for this.

The government launched the engagement exercise on retirement protection on 22 December 2015, local organisations are deeply disappointed, and we have the following responses:

We support a universal retirement protection:

  • The society should recognise the advancements and achievements of Hong Kong is the result of contributions from various generations.
  • The society should recognise the advancements and achievements of Hong Kong is the result of contributions from various generations.
  • A non-vetting universal retirement protection is the basic right of all citizens. It is a system to guarantee the right of every elder to live a dignify life and obtain basic security.

We deeply regret and are discontented with government's means of consultation:

  • The government has been repeatedly avoiding taking up its responsibility. The consultation is a disguised replacement of concepts and it misleads the public towards the government’s hidden standpoint.
  • It produces a threatening conclusion according to the most conservative assumptions and focuses on tax rise as the only solution.
  • It disregards the valuable researches contributed by numerous scholars all these years. It ignores many feasible proposals raised by these scholars, and it also attempts to degrade and stigmatise their proposals according to piecemeal statistics as well as questioning their academic spirits.

We appeal to every individual and organisation to:

  • Carefully examine the contents and arguments of the government's proposal and the proposals from the civil society.
  • Devote one’s effort to pursue a policy for Hong Kong which is able to safeguard people’s dignity and provide a reasonable protection for their retirement.
  • Actively speak out and express one’s opinions on the issue.

We reiterate that universal retirement protection is to prepare for the future change of population structure. The government should pay its utmost attention to this approaching threat. Any delay, the society has to pay for it.

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