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Issue 011
2016 January

Territory-wide Flag Day: 16 April 2016


We are holding the territory-wide Flag Day on 16 April (Saturday), and are recruiting volunteers (target: 8,000) for preparation work and flag selling on that day. We sincerely invite you to participate as an individual, a group or parent-child as a group. Every volunteer and group participant will be given a certificate as encouragement.

The Flag Day is of utmost importance to our service development. Funds raised will be used for re-development of the Kwun Tong Social Service Building to provide different social services for children, youth, elders, families and those in need.

Please support our flag day on 16 April by enrolling as volunteer or giving donations.

Enquiry: 27316369.

Please go to www.hkcs.org/support/flagday/flagday-e.html for more details.

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