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Issue 011
2016 January

Our Staff was awarded Outstanding Social Worker of
the 25th Outstanding Social Workers Award

Congratulations to Miss Karrie Chan Chung Ho, Chief Supervisor of our Ethnic Minority Service being awarded the Outstanding Social Workers Award organised by the Hong Kong Social Workers Association. The award presentation ceremony was held on 8 January where the guest of honour, Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Chief Secretary presented the award.

Karrie joined us in 1993. She has worked in various service settings namely outreaching, integrated children and youth. She was assigned to be responsible for our first ethnic minority service in 2004. Karrie is well aware of the struggle and rejection faced by the ethnic minorities (EM). Throughout the years, she actively explored service gaps, such as interpretation service so that EM could have access to information on public service. She set up special support project on life planning and Chinese Language learning for EM children.

In order to promote an inclusive society with multi-cultural background, she launched pioneer project in school and shared her experiences to people of different backgrounds. She advocates the mainstreaming of EMs, so that mainstream service units could serve them more effectively. Furthermore, she pays much emphasis on empowerment of her service users to participate in current affairs and voice their opinions. Karrie knows that social inclusion is a long road as it involves fundamental changes in attitude, sense of value, policy, research and matching service. She hopes more concern from the society can be encouraged in order to foster inclusion.


25th Anniversary of WFNS

Wayfoong Nusery School (WFNS) was the first work-based nursery school Hong Kong Christian Service administered for HongkongBank, attending children aged 2 – 6 of their staff so that their staff could have a balanced work and life.

The nursery school is situated at the podium of Wayfoong centre, closely connected to the bank. The bank provides resourceful learning experience for the children such as: visiting their main branch in Central, the model bank of Shek Mun supporting center, promoting a happy school activity etc.

2015 was the 25th anniversary of the nursery school. Alumni and parents formed the organising committee for this special occasion cum carnival. There were over 600 alumni and parents on 12 December to celebrate the silver jubilee of the school picking up sweet memories of the past.

The opening ceremony: a lion dance performance by alumni and parents. Our Director, Deputy Director, Operation Director of Asia Pacific and Operation Director of Hong Kong region presiding in the dragon eye dotting ceremony. Master of Ceremony by 2 alumni, one of them was a graduate of the 1st year. Performance and singing of school songs by alumni reminiscent of the happy memories of school life.


Tamar Park Love Art@City

In order to explore youth potential and their interest in art and to nurture positive thinking(self-efficacy, correct sense of value, interpersonal skills) through sharing, our North Point Happy Teens Club organised Love Art@City on 20 December 2015 at the amphitheatre of Tamar Park.

This is a 2-year project aims at narrowing the gap between individual and community and to create more opportunities for youth to share themselves on how they feel about art towards a connected and caring community through sharing platforms, groups, art training and microfilms sharing.


Arts by hundreds appeal to all

With the sponsorship of Shamshuipo District Council, our Shamshuipo East Happy Teens Club organised a concert cum fresco opening ceremony on 19 December 2015. This activity was to promote art creation so that people from different walks of life can appreciate art and perform. Many young people danced the way they like while some played chinese and western music. There was a fresco painted by more than a hundred people including children, youth and parents and our 20 Angels of Hope. It was hoped that through fresco painting, harmony can be achieved within the community and the gap between people can be narrowed.

Zheng performance Fresco depicting the characteristics of Nam Shan Estate Hundreds of children, youth and parents led by 10 volunteers proficient in fresco to paint the fresco

Family Ties: We have moved!

Family Ties Integrated Family Service Centre (FT) has been established since 2011. With the directions of Child-centred, Family-focused, and Community-based, our Centre aims at providing a continuum of preventive, supportive, and remedial one-stop services, as well as promoting mutual support network in the community and provided service to 1,000 cases last year.

FT finally said goodbye to the borrowed office and officially moved to Units 219-235, Block 23, Shek Kip Mei Estate on 11 January 2016. Other contact means remain unchanged.

The new office has a space of 6500 m, with more space and better facility such as a housework instruction room for group household training. The centre will continue its service to the community as before and you are welcome to visit us.

Main Entrance Reception The new housework instruction room


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