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Issue 011
2016 January

"Vision of the Civil Society on 2030 Elderly service" Forum

We jointly organised the “Vision of the Civil Society on 2030 Elderly service” Forum with Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) on 4 December 2015. There were 200 elders, and other participants from different sectors attended the forum.

Speakers in the forum were: Legislative Council Members: the Honourable Mr. Cheung Kwok Che, the Honourable Mr. Leung Yiu Chung, the Honorable Mr. Fernando Cheung Chiu Hung. Miss Anita Wong Yiu Ming, Director of Elderly Care Services of The Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club, Miss Chan Shun Yee of Reclaiming Social Work Movement, Miss Grace Chan, Chief Officer (Elderly Service) of Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Miss Chak Tung Ching, General Manager of our Elderly Service. There were active exchange from the participants on existing concerns on elderly service like Elderly Service Programme Plan, how to effectively monitor its progress as well as the elderly policy.

Survey on cognition of utilisation of elderly service

Our representative presented the survey conducted in last November on “cognition of utilisation of elderly service” in the forum. It was found that among 858 elders being interviewed, the general cognition on elderly service was insufficient. They underestimated the queuing time for community care service (such as household cleaning service, an underestimation of 85.7%, meal delivery service an underestimation of 66.3% and escort service 66.5%), however, there was an overestimation of cash allowance (an overestimation of 50.4%). It reflected a huge gap between expectation and real situation.

There was marked difference on “the most important community care” between the 2 groups: those aged above 61 and those below. Besides, there was striking difference on level of satisfaction on community care service. On the whole, 74.3% considered government support to elders insufficient and very insufficient.

On the areas of service expectation, 405 interviewees expressed their concern on 658 items. According to nature of these items, 203 items (30.9% of the items) about “government plan and measures”, and 163 items (24.8% of the items) on direct service while there are 99 items (15.1% of the items) on vision, belief and value.

The forum was just a beginning, we hope every sector of the community will continue to care for the progress of “elderly service” and actively express your opinions to plan for the future elderly policy.

For enquiry about the survey mentioned above, please contact our Research and Advocacy officer Mr. Wong Ming Yan at 2731 6236.

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