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Issue 010
2015 November

Make A Wish Come True

Make a Wish Come True 2015

Have you imagined yourself being Santa Claus to share the joy of Christmas with the deprived while planning for other activities?

This year, there are 300 wishes from the deprived received from our service units waiting to be granted:

Madam Fong, aged 82, would like to have tools to assist her eating because her hands are suffering from tremor;

Man Tao, aged 5, wishes he could replace the computer which broke down so that his brother can continue his learning online;

A South Asian boy aged 4 hopes he could have a remote control toy car, as his Christmas and birthday present.

These are the most common things in general; however, they are beyond reach for the deprived! We cordially invite you to join us in this meaningful action, to fulfill their wishes together, to encourage them and give them hope!

Donors can make a donation in honour of a designated person, and we shall send thank you card made by the beneficiary to you and a designated person at the same time so that all of you could enjoy the happiness of giving.

Enquiry: 27316369.

Please go to www.hkcs.org/support/wishcometrue/wishcometrue-e.html for more details.

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