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Issue 010
2015 November

Life Planning reaches out
Rendering support for out of school and unemployed youth

In June we started CLAP (Career and Life Adventure Planning Programme for Youth), this is a programme supported by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. We are one of the five district service teams to serve young people aged 15-21 who encounter special difficulties such as school dropouts, hidden, non-engaged and unemployed youth. The programme offers individual service for life planning, mobilises community resources to provide more opportunities and promote Extended Notion of Work concept (note 1).

The society has been concerned about upward mobility of youth, various ideas and matching services are suggested. The mainstream for youth in life planning,is either to further studies or start their career in mainstream fields. However, to our youth, these in fact limit their development and choices and deter them to explore different capacities. The society lacks an encouraging atmosphere to support them to tryout and explore. It is under such an observation that CLAP for Youth was set up to encourage and help our youth to experiment and understand themselves so that they could bridge with the society in a meaningful way.

The programme was based on an Extended Notion of Work concept of Professor Wong Cheong Wing (The principal research consultant of the programme),of the Hong Kong Baptist University. The concept was an expanded concept of work so that the youth could start with "unpaid" work, develop serious leisure where they accumulate experiences, skills, attitude to lay a good foundation for future "paid" work.

Our team first focused on out-of-school and unemployed youth within our serving districts, we provide support for students with DSE score below five points. On-site emotional support and information for further studies were provided. There were also follow up with phone calls to maintain a connection so that we could support their life planning afterwards. There are "Community Outreach" to reach out to various districts to make contact with potential targets and establish a connection through interest activities, street consultation and life planning exploration tools. This helps youth and parents to have more interactive means and raises social awareness about life planning. Community outreach showed up again on 31 October in Mongkok Pedestrian Street to promote life planning, over 200 people visited the mobile booth, they were impressed by youth volunteers who did make-up for the participants which brought out the positive energy of the service.

The programme is now open for referrals. It will be a one-to-one service to ignite the motive of service users to change towards a meaningful direction. Details are:

Service target: Youth aged 15-21 who encounter special difficulties and those who are in need of life planning.
Serving Districts: Kowloon West (Yau Tsim Mong, Shamshuipo, Kowloon City, Kwai Tsing)
Referral procedure: Please call hotline 9377-7752 for the duty social worker
Enquiry: 3580-0110
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hkcsclap

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