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Issue 010
2015 November

"Speech Learning Skill Training Project"won Best Practice Award in Social Service held by Hong Kong Council of Social Service

The "Speech Learning Skill Training Project" of our Children Development and Education Core Business was one of the 10 winners of the 2015 Best Practice Award in Social Service.

The objective of this training project is popularisation of professional service, to establish a systematic home based training in their daily life to build up language capacities of children.

"Speech Learning Skill Training Project" course materials were produced so that parents can have instantaneous test on the progress and development of their children's language, cognition and social skills. It also provides supporting information about improving children's skills in playing games, language ability, social skills, oral motor exercise and pronunciation. There are also workshops for parents and teachers about how to use the course materials and implement systematic training in order to achieve the best result. Scientific output of the training aroused reflection on the professionalism of the service, and the importance of rehabilitation during the pre-school period based on the concept of popularisation of professional service.

The award presentation ceremony was held on 12 November, our representative will share our experience in the forthcoming sharing session for award winners of the Best Practice Award in Social Service.


Two of our units received awards of
the Apple Daily Trust 2015 Award Scheme

The parenting support programme of our Family Ties Integrated Family Service Centre received the Outstanding and Innovation Award (Family category), and a primary adaption programme 'Go Go Go Adventure programme' of our Yuen Long Early Education and Training Centre also received Outstanding Award (Children and Youth category) of the Apple Daily Charity Trust in their 2015 Award Scheme.

The parent support programme was designed for new arrival mothers and single mothers. There are infant massage class to enhance the bond between babies and their mothers; there are also talks, outdoor activities and post-natal emotional support groups for exchange and support among these mothers while building up their mutual help network.

The Go Go Go Adventure programme catered to children who are going to primary schools. The programme uses adventure and experimental learning approach to assist a group of children with special learning needs to prepare for studying primary one in mainstream schools. Through adventure programme, these children will learn how to cope with difficulties, and parents could also experience the challenges that are likely to be faced by their children so that they could assist them to adapt to the change.

Congratulations to Yuen Long Early Education and Training Centre and Family Ties Integrated Family Service Centre!


Kwun Tong Nursery School was one of the winners of
the 13th Hong Kong Green School Award:
Pre-school category Outstanding Award

Our Kwun Tong Nursery School won the Outstanding Award of the 13th Hong Kong Green School Award (HKGSA), pre-school category. The award was mainly based on two assessment areas namely Environmental Management, and Parents' Participation in Environmental Activities. The award aims at enhancing environmental awareness from school and parents as well as developing an environmental friendly attitude and promoting green practices.

The HKGSA is organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Protection Department and Education Bureau since 2000. The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong Productivity Council and Vocational Training Council are co-organisers. Objectives of this award scheme are to encourage schools to formulate a school environmental policy and environmental management plan to achieve the goal of green schools.


Congratulations to Dr. Darwin Chen, our Vice Chairman for
receiving the World Outstanding Chinese Award

Dr. Darwin Chen, our Vice Chairman was awarded the 14th World Outstanding Chinese Award organised by the World Chinese Business Investment Foundation on 23 September. This award is to recognise outstanding Chinese around the world. Dr. Chen is active in promoting art and cultural development in Hong Kong, he spares no effort in charitable and educational activities. Dr. Chen has been receiving many awards all along: he was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star by the Hong Kong SAR Government in recognition of his community service,; he is an honourary fellow and receives an honours degree of Doctor of Social Sciences from the University of Hong Kong,; he is also an honourary fellow from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and an honourary fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He received the Life Achievement Award of the 2012 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. We took this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Chen for receiving another well-deserved award.

10,000 hours of volunteer service award

We are awarded “10,000 hours of Volunteer Service” by The Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service of the Social Welfare Department in appreciation of volunteer service to the community in 2014. The award presentation ceremony was held on 15 October.


Representatives from the Community Chest visited MES

Twenty representatives of the Community Chest comprising of Board of Directors and their staff visited our Multi-cultural Education @Schools (MES) on 9 October. MES was sponsored by the Chest since 2010. The project has been serving 192 schools including primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools, nursery schools and special schools with a total of 25,000 students and teachers and connected more than 20 organisations such as religious, ethnic groups, shops and other social service units. The project laid a good foundation for multi-cultural harmony at schools.

During the financial year of 2015/16, we received a total of $6,691,600 baseline allocation from the Chest, and apart from sponsoring MES, the allocation was used to support three other projects and central administration.

Heartfelt thanks to Children Charity Foundation
Scholarship to grassroots students

We genuinely thanked the support of the Children Charity Foundation (CCF) to support the second year to 30 students from our Happy Teens Clubs, Integrated Family Service Centre and Small Group Homes. Each student received a scholarship of $3,500 amounting to a total of $105,000. The scholarship will be used for books, stationeries and school uniforms to ease the burden of needy families.

Healthy Seed Centre was set up

With the generous support of "Healthy Seed" of The Lo Ying Shek Chi Wai Foundation, we received $1.8 million for setting up Healthy Seed Centre. The Centre was opened on 2 October at the Great Eagle Center in Wanchai. HSP is mainly for infants and their parents, it offers comprehensive and timely service about parenting and children development. Professional on the job training for colleagues in the field are also provided in HSP.

Interested parties/schools who would like tailor-make parenting and children development activities, please call 3549 6840 for details.

Light and shadow of families
An alternative approach to explore positive experience of
drug rehabilitants and their families

Our Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun, PS33 Tsimshatui Centre, PS33 Shamshuipo Centre and Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Service Team organised a Light and Shadow of Families project, in collaboration with Master of Art in Expressive Therapy of the University of Hong Kong. Narrative and art therapies are adopted to try to rediscover positive histories of the families. These stories would be in the form of art pieces, to promote the relationship between drug rehabilitants and their family members.

These art pieces will be showcased in the community and annual Life festival (Note 1) in 2016. Appreciations and reflections on the art pieces and their stories will be collected for the drug rehabilitants and their families to strengthen their bond and connection with the community.

Note 1: Life festival was organised by our 4 service units for drug rehabilitants and their family members. It aims at providing a joyous occasion for them apart from drug rehabilitation. It is a platform to share positive stories of life.

Exploration for Hope –
Hysan Ethnic Minority Youth Social Enterprise Competition 2015

With the partnership from Hysan and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)'s Business School, the Exploration for Hope was held to broaden horizon of ethnic minority youth to equip them with the ability and confidence for life planning. There are altogether 300 ethnic minority youth who participated in the programme since its beginning nine years ago. Exploration for Hope – Hysan Ethnic Minority Youth Social Enterprise Competition 2015 was held again to encourage and assist ethnic minority youth with basic knowledge about social enterprises and business, to broaden their exposure and social network, and through writing up business proposals to stimulate creative and innovative ideas to solve social problems.

Mentors of the project are students from HKUST Business School, they will guide and help each of the group to complete tasks and write a social enterprise proposal. The award presentation ceremony was held on 20 September in the office lobby of 9/F Hysan Place. The champion Plannr was awarded a prize of $30,000, the second and third runners up EdProvision and A4S were awarded prizes of $10,000 and $8,000 respectively.

Day Camp for autistic children and their parents

Our School Social Work Service and The Parents Association of Autistic Children in Mainstream Education jointly organised a warming and fun-filled day camp for autistic children and their parents.

Autistic children are characterised by difficult to adjust to change, being stubborn and getting out of emotional control easily, therefore parents are reluctant to take their children to outdoor activities. Eleven pairs of autistic children with their parents joined the day camp. Adventure activities are held for children during which they learnt to cooperate with another person while parents were taught stress relief exercise and cookies making. At the end of the day camp, both children and parents surprised one another through interaction, and parents in particular, were deeply moved as they seldom had this kind of sharing with their children in their everyday life.

Ignite the youthful spirit of the elderly - Run for fun

Marathon is not just for youth, elders could participate in similar activities. 70 elders from our 4 elderly centres of Active Aging Service participated in “Duo Run 3 km” of the “Hong Kong Streetathon” on 6 September jointly organised with Jade Club. Participants dressed up in animal outfits, and they were able to complete the journey with cheering all along the way.

Health checkup for adult

Since 1 April, our clinic has been providing a "Health Checkup for Adult" service. It is a comprehensive health checkup service for the community with an annual fee of HK$1,200. It includes blood test, laboratory test, monthly body checkup, health consultation and counselling. You are welcome for enquiry (tel: 2731 6214) during the opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm; Saturday: 9 am to 12:30 pm.

First art exhibition by Pario Arts
A journey of the garden of art

Pario Arts organised the first art exhibition for children who love creation – A tour of the garden of art to flip open children’s journal about art. The opening ceremony was held on 5 December at Pario Arts (1/F Circle Garden, 229 Sai Yee Street, Mongkok, Kowloon). The exhibition was opened to public from 5 – 6 December in Pario Arts and Running Horse Lantern (2/F, 204 Prince Edward Road West). Art creation by children, recordings on art development of senior members and their experience were displayed.

Many parents brought their children to visit this extraordinary garden of art. Details about the exhibition can be found at the link: http://www.parioarts.com.hk (Chinese Webpage only).

Hug Diversity
Racial Harmony Proposal Competition

Our Multi-cultural Education @Schools organised the Hug Diversity – Racial Harmony Proposal Competition, it aims at promoting racial harmony among secondary school students with 3 objectives: broadening the horizon (to take the initiation to get to know people of different cultural background), open our hearts (to foster a positive attitude towards different culture, and cultivate mutual appreciation) and reflection (eliminate prejudices within ourselves in terms of value and the way we think). These three objectives hope to build up a platform of social inclusion among people of different ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds.

Full time students (all ethnic groups are welcome) can participate in individual capacity or in groups of 2 to 5. Interested parties please go to http://www.hkcs.org/gcb/mes/mes-e.html for more details.


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