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Issue 009
2015 September

Recruitment of 'Angels of Hope'

Members of our 'Angels of Hope' joined the following meaningful events from June to September this year:

Volunteering in the arts and craft creation during the mid-autumn festival (September 2015)
Our 'Angels of Hope' brought forth care and concern to elders of our Wan Hon Integrated Home Centre Service Team, they made more than 100 pieces of arts and crafts.
Volunteering in distributing of surplus food (11-18 July 2015)
Our ‘Angels of Hope’ participated in a tour of the food recycle programme to understand the poverty situation in Hong Kong. They helped to screen and distribute surplus food from the markets to the needy.

We welcome children from nursery schools to junior schools to join our ‘Angels of Hope’ Programme to participate in a variety of volunteer service, thematic workshops and monthly donations of any amounts.

Act now and call 2731 6369 and enroll for your children to become Little Angels of Hope, putting in positive energy.

Details of the programme, recent or past activities can be viewed in our website: http://www.hkcs.org/support/child.

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