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Issue 009
2015 September

FSE Caring Day for the young and old

We organised a Caring Day jointly with FSE Holdings Limited (FSE) on 12 September. One hundred and eighty volunteers from FSE served 176 elders and 140 grassroot children. The theme of the activity was to promote care and harmony between the young and old generation. In order to convey this message of harmony and productive ageing, elder volunteers taught children and volunteers of the Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club to do handicrafts, these pieces of arts and crafts in turn were given to the elders. Another group of volunteers taught children of the Shamshuipo East Happy Teens Club to make small gift with heart shape to their family members to deliver the message of 'love of families'. In addition, these 2 groups of volunteers had lunch with elders from BLISS District Elderly Community Centre and Shun Lee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, during which they sang oldies together and giving out gifts to the elders. They also visited elders of the Shun Lee Home for the Elderly. Volunteers experienced the spirit of respect and care for the elderly as well as love of the community in this activity.

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