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Issue 008
2015 July

Our Children’s Art Exhibition enters the Mainland
to share experiences in art education

Our Early Childhood Education Service (ECES) and Osage Art Foundation were invited by the Shenzhen Guan Shan Yue National Art Museum, to participate in an art exhibition “Grow up Together” organised by the Annil Children’s Wear to exhibit the creation of our student about Kwun Tong – an exploration of a familiar neighourhood and their thoughts.

Mrs. Chan Kong Siu Wai, the Chief Supervisor of our ECES together with the Founder of Osage Art Foundation, Miss Agnes Lin and principals of our nursery schools and supervisors attended the opening ceremony of the children’s art festival on 1 June. They had fruitful exchange with renowned artists from mainland like Yao Zhen Xi, Zeng Jian Yong, Xiong Liang, Zhou Li, Nan Zhao Xu, Yang Hua Rong, Deng Kang Yan and other social public organisations like Shenzhen Fat Bird Theatre, Sanyecao, One Foundation, Modern Lady, Chen Ying film workshop, Hong Xing She Ying Hua.

Osage Art Gallery and we shared our more than 10 years' experience of inspiring children’s imagination and creativity in art education, it was hoped that the mutual exchange could give us more stimulation.

According to Miss. Yang Li Ming, organiser of the exhibition, it was exceptional to hold such kind of exhibition in Shenzhen and it must be very outstanding to be exhibited in the main exhibition hall. The open day attracted more than 5,000 people most of whom were Shenzhen citizens.

Miss. Yang expressed that the exhibition was a 3-year project and it was their second year this year. Next year with the theme on “growing up with your children”, they plan to invite artists from Taiwan to bring about more stimulus and to convey the message of aesthetic education to more areas.

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