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Issue 008
2015 July

New milestone of Pui Oi School

After years of planning and construction, the new premises of Pui Oi School at Tuen Mun Hang Kwai Street finally came into operation in September 2014. The school premises occupies an area of 8,000 square meters, provides 18 classes and accommodates 60 students in the new boarding section.

There are adapted learning courses and regular curriculum from primary one to secondary six. Apart from the main facilities relocated from the old school premises, the new premises has a green zone, school hall, playground and study rooms for senior secondary elective subjects. The new school premises provide an ideal environment for our students.

The inaugural ceremony of relocation cum completion of boarding section of the school was held on 16 July 2015. Dr. Hon Fernando Cheung Chiu Hung, Legislative Counsellor was our guest of honour, together with other guests, witnessed the school enter into a new era.

About Pui Oi School
Pui Oi School is a special school established in 1979. The school was the first of its kind in providing special education for physically handicapped children. Needs and potentials of these children were often neglected due to their physical limitation. It is therefore our aim to provide them the right for education, suitable training so that they could develop their full potential and help them live an independent, self-reliant and socially competent life.


KTNS was awarded environmental protection prizes

The theme of Our Kwun Tong Nursery School year plan was a LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) school life with love of mother earth and health. A data bank on LOHAS school life and different activities was set up to support their learning. The school participated in the CUHK Hong Kong Jockey Club Initiative Gaia Project and its GAIA online platform to share information about environmental protection, and motivate children, their parents and teachers to practice a LOHAS life. We were awarded the “Favourite green news award” and gold award of GAIA Partners for the year.

The school also participated in a 3-year Hong Chi Jockey Club Green Education Campaign. In one of the activities: "Environmental protection design", children and their parents were encouraged to recycle waste materials to design innovative gadgets and we won the competition and the designs were highly commended by the assessors.

The school continuously organised environmental-related activities for children and parents so that they could build up a positive value of life, with a hope to change the present lifestyle and indirectly for the benefit of the environment.


New Adventure Concert
Telling stories of ex-drug Abusers

The New Adventure Concert was co-organised by Neway and our PS33 Tsimshatsui Centre on 5 July. It was a concert cum lyrics writing for old songs contest award ceremony. The theme of this concert was to convey the positive energy of love by narrating stories of rehabilitated ex drug abusers. Songs in the concert were written by winners of the lyrics contest. They are secondary and post-secondary school students who composed the lyrics after listening to stories of ex-drug abusers. The lyrics gave new meaning to the songs. Miss. Crystal Cheung, a popular singer, was also invited to perform and share her experience. She encouraged the students to equip themselves and faced the challenges of life.


Our anti-drug project awarded Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation in Shamshuipo district

The "Precious Love Connection" Anti-drug Project held by our Shamshuipo East Happy Teens Club was awarded 2014-15 Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme. The Scheme was jointly organised by the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) and the Commission on Youth (CoY) and funded by HAB.

Our project was launched from September 2014 to January 2015 in Shamshuipo district, with over 300 participants. "Value", "Connection" and "Filial love" were characteristics of the Scheme to draw together youth, families and the community together. It was hoped that deprived children and youth, through physical activities, music and art training, could develop their potentials and interests, to have a positive attitude towards life and values so that they could distant themselves from drugs and gang influence.

The Project also offered voluntary and service opportunity. A "love and grateful" action day was organised for over 100 participants within the community. There were different elements of volunteerism and integrated activities designed for the volunteers to develop their potential and promote care and concern for the underprivileged.

Caring school award scheme reaching 10th anniversary

2014 was the 10th anniversary of the Caring School Award Scheme organised jointly by Education Bureau (EDB), Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters and Hong Kong Christian Service. It carried an added meaning of inheriting the past while steering into the future this year. There were 518 primary, secondary and special schools participated in the Scheme, among them 9 schools have been receiving this award continuously for 10 years. The sharing cum award presentation ceremony was held on 23 May in the Auditorium of the EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre.

Professor Lau Siu Ying, Associate Dean of the Department of Educational Psychology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong shared his experience about “The Journey of Care”. Six award winning schools also shared their experiences.

Below were the thematic awards of the Scheme

Thematic awards Secondary School Primary School
The most active in promoting life education Award
Tin Shui Wai Methodist College STW Dr Catherine F Woo Memorial School
The most caring for students with special needs award
Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School
The most caring home-school cooperation award
TWGHs C Y Ma Memorial College Alliance Primary School, Whampoa


The first sharing session from
users of special education needs service in Hong Kong

Since 2009, our School Social Work Service has been providing services to students with special needs. They are relatively weak in organising, expressing and communications skills. They seldom express themselves not to mention expressing opinion on our services. However, we believe their opinions are important, and encourage them to voice their opinions, therefore, we organised the captioned sharing session on 2 May. Forty-two students with special needs from 9 schools were invited. They mainly have Special Learning Difficulties (SpLD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They expressed the needs for supports in secondary schools. This sharing session was the first of its kind in our society.

They had suggested some effective supportive measures namely: assisting them to improve their learning skills (memory training, copy speed drills, jotting down main points, image memory), improve social skills and life skills. Schools are encouraged to provide more opportunities for communication among schoolmates and activities for them to cultivate their potential.

Flash Dating organised by social worker
Helping boys to getting along with the opposite gender

Male service users of outreaching service are lacking in social skills, have no idea how to get along with the opposite gender, they think that material need is the answer to everything. In order to promote a healthy concept to handle the relationship with the opposite gender, our Yuen Long Youth Outreaching Team adopted the trendy model of "speed dating" and organised "Flash Dating" activity. Female volunteers are recruited to partner with a male service user to form a group to let them experience what it is like in a real life situation through activities designed by our social workers. During the activity, they have to cooperate with the volunteers to complete different challenges by mutual encouragement. Through this experience, the male service users could enhance their self awareness and widen their means of expressing themselves.

Service users reflected that after the activity, volunteers gave useful feedback on improving their inter-personal skills such as maintaining eye contact during communications, do not interrupt when other people are talking. This did boost up their self confidence in establishing interpersonal relationship. Volunteers on the other hand, found the service users very innocent and genuine which maybe different from how they look in appearance.


Community Check Point Challenge - Tour for the Ethnic Groups

Grassroots Ethnic groups seldom go out to see the community, even fewer with the whole family together. Their daily lives centered on the nearby neighbourhood and hardly know Hong Kong at all. Our Family Networks organised a Community Check Point Challenge on 13 June for this group of people to enable them to get to know more districts.

We would like to thank MVA HK Ltd for sponsoring this activity. There were 12 volunteers from MVA with whom we matched each of them with an EM family and together they travelled from Tsimshatsui to Hong Kong Park by Star Ferry and trams. After the activity, some EM families told us that it was their first time to take the MTR, they appreciated the volunteers for guiding the tour and taking care of their children so that they could look around the community and enjoy the activity with their families. This experience vividly echoed with our mission of promoting harmony in the community.


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